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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by GoingRight, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. GoingRight

    GoingRight Participant

    If you have linkedin: How do you describe your job title? What industry are you in?

    Here is what I think best describes my experience being a forum admin based on Linkedin choices:
    Web Administrator working in Information Technology and Services

    Having created and run a forum as a full-time job for the past 5 years, I'm not sure how to market myself as a job candidate. What types of jobs should I look for? What am I qualified to do? Was considering entry level IT help desk to get my foot in the door.

    Possible resume details:
    Web-site design and software management
    Moderating and moderator management
    User account management
    Advertising implementation and affiliate sales

    Anyone have experience going from full-time forum admin back into the job market?
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  2. Karll

    Karll Adherent

    I've never done forum admin full-time or even made more money than I spent - though that wasn't my goal either.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that perhaps you'd be a good fit for an online newspaper or other media outlet with an online presence that includes reader comments which obviously require moderation, discussion framing and so on. Perhaps you could also help with more general IT tasks, ideas and advice.
  3. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo TAZ Administrator

    Website design, development and management
  4. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    'Retired Peasant' sums up my resume although ironically I'm far busier now than I ever was when I was working.

    To be honest, although I still get income from running sites and forums I've never really considered it a job, more a paid hobby. This thread has got my attention. I suppose I've never until now, considered forum experience to be a vehicle to paid employment. Perhaps I need to reconsider that view.
  5. mysiteguy

    mysiteguy Administrator

    In the USA, there are corporate jobs for "Community Managers", maybe elsewhere as well.
  6. Somniloquent

    Somniloquent Enthusiast

    Are you good with social media? I see a fair number of job postings for that. (sample listing)

    If you write a lot of content for your site, you might try content strategy. (sample listing)

    There's also customer support. (sample listing)

    Figure out what kinds of jobs interest you, and tailor your resumé to what they're looking for.
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  7. Nev_Dull

    Nev_Dull Anachronism

    In my opinion, the best fit for someone who has run forums for a living would be in customer service or customer support/help desk.
  8. pierce

    pierce Habitué

    Sys admin
    email deliver-ability expert
    Fluent in PHP my SQL html CSS,
    HR expert
    Accounting experience
    Tax expert
    Customer relationship manager
    Customer expectation manager
    Team leader
    IT acquisition manager
    Closer for deals
    Product evaluation
    Bug hunter
    Canteen staff
    Logistics manager

    What else have I don't running a forum for 13 years hmmmm
  9. SaN-DeeP

    SaN-DeeP TechArena.IN

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