Favorite vBulletin Designer?

Discussion in 'Community Styling' started by Chris Suyeda, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. I am plan on launching a new project within the next month and I am shopping for a designer to create a new theme for my website/community. I will be using vBulletin Publishing Suite which includes CMS, Blog, and Forums and the theme needs to work appropriately for all three features.

    For those of you who have purchased custom skins for your vB 4.0.x, where did you shop at? I have found a few designers who's work appealed me and sent inquiries, but I am looking for other options!

    Thank you!
  2. kjetterman

    kjetterman Adherent

    Personally, I have always liked the guy at Sultan Themes.
  3. el canadiano

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    When I was with vBulletin, I was a big fan of Miner Skinz. However, he's kind of slow when it comes to moving to vBulletin 4, but he still has his 3.x series and his one IPB 3.0 theme.

  4. Chimpie

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    I agree. Minerskinz has skills, at least for v. 3.8. He has done some work for me in the past with no complaints.