Ever Been Demodded on a site.....WITHOUT being given a reason?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Abbott, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Abbott

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    I posted this thread partially because I'm interested in hearing the different reactions that people may have had.

    But also, there's a bit of a rant involved. From a personal point of view, if I'm granted a certain responsibility, I do my best to carry it out as well as I can, in the best way that I know how. Among other things, this includes moderation duties on different sites.

    However, suppose that you were doing the best you can, and you never received any complaints about the job that you were doing. But then, one day you realize that you were demoted from a particular section, and you weren't given a reason why. Wouldn't you be a bit peeved, if not outraged?

    If you're an Admin who's ever done that, well shame on you!

    I ask this, because it's something that's happened to me before. I understood the rules. Not just what they meant, but also why each one was in place. Then I did what in my mind makes a good moderator. That is, to enforce the rules fairly, equally, and without playing any favorites.

    Needless to say, I was quite unhappy. Anyway, I believe that site will likely implode through their own doing. Is there an element of bitterness here? I suppose so.

    Regardless, this is not something that any well run site should do. Do you really want to create unnecessary bad feeling?

    I'm a fair man. If I get in trouble or do something that I shouldn't have done, well alright. But I really ought to be given a reason. If I happen to be wrong, and the reason makes sense, I will acknowledge it. I can acknowledge it if I happen to be wrong.

    I'm not necessarily against the idea of demoting someone, as long as it's justified and they are given a reason for it. But for no reason at all?

    All I can say is that I will not carry out such a drastic action without giving a reason to those involved.
  2. Morganna

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    I've never been demodded or demodded someone without a reason. It takes a lot for me to remove someone from staff in the first place, so if it gets to the point where I remove someone then they've done something drastic!
  3. surferdude

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    I have been demoddded and i am one of the fair mods on this site and always was helping and then i was demodded and then i asked the admin what i did wrong and he banned.He was complete jackass anyway.
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