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    Hi everyone, here am I once again needing your help. In my previous topic I was asking for help about this moderator (if I should fire him or not), you can actually see the topic here. Thanks all for the answers I got to solve the problem and pushed a little harder on the guy who's working much better now! I'm really happy about that.

    Now, I have another problem... This Community I administrate has rules (obvioustly) and one of the rules is that you can not belong to another community/clan when belonging to mine. There's a guy that was Administrator aswell and he helped us a lot in the development of the community, but one day he was expelled because he was also an administrator of our major competitor in community terms. So, he was expelled, and his account was banned from our forum, ok until here. The problem is, he keeps creating accounts on the forum which I can't find out which are, because the IP tool doesn't help and according to him he has access to ACP and that is terrifying me, I mean, he can do whatever he wants in our forum?! I'm really worried about this subject, I'd like to know how can I improve the security of my forum in order to prevent him from accessing our ACP.

    He's very clever... I would appreciate fast reply, this is really urgent
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    What software?
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    If your running IPB and have banned & removed his admin from his account then he has no chance of getting into the AdminCP, unless someone makes him an admin again.
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    change the ftp (hosting) passwords.

    and your associated email passwords, too.
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    Check your administrator permissions page in your ACP. If you're the only one with any admin permissions on that page, then he's bluffing, unless he somehow magically came up with an exploit that no-one else knows about - the chances of that are pretty slim.

    As bucket said, it never hurts to be safe, so change any and all critical passwords (FTP, yours/any other admin and so on). Prevention is better than cure.

    The main thing you need to learn from this is do your research before giving any old joe access to your ACP.
    I'd also argue that plain banning the guy in cold blood without so much as speaking to him (I'm assuming you didn't, as you didn't say as much) is a pretty ****ty thing to do, especially if he's done a lot to help your community. Stuff like that is probably why he's striking back at you now - if you explained to him that him being part of both sites is a potential conflict of interests and you're going to have to ask him to stand down, even though you're not suggesting he's done anything wrong, he's much less likely to go loopy and start attacking your site than if you just ban him like some common spambot.

    I'm not suggesting this is all your fault, because obviously he's got a big part to play in this as well, but I'm just trying to illustrate that sometimes thinking ahead before hitting the buttons can be a good thing, especially when it comes to dealing with people. People can be awkward, emotional, irrational buggers at times. :D
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    I hate to say this, but this is the sort of thing you should expect when you kick people off the staff and ban them for being a member of another forum. And if in the future you decide to ban another admin for belonging to another community then you should expect the same or a similar reaction.

    Is a rule like this, or this sort of enforcement of the rule (removal from the staff and banning) really worth the trouble it can cause? To me the answer to that would be a very clear "No." and when rules are more trouble than they're worth then why bother having them?

    If you want to avoid this sort of situation in the future then I'd suggest either getting rid of this rule completely or using lighter punishment to deal with violations of it. Banning an admin for something like this is just overkill if you ask me.
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    Honestly well put!
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    Perfectly worded. Banning and admin over a POSSIBLE conflict of interest is overkill. If they are still actively contributing, then it should not matter. I have a friend who created one almost exactly like mine, but as long as he does his work on my site, then I am going to have to be fine with it.

    Banning a fellow admin is going to come with resistance. They won't like losing their power. You kinda asked for it by suggesting that you didn't even consult them much first. I agree that asking about that possible conflict may have made it easier on you, and better for the community. An admin being banned is a big topic.
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