End Of Year / Christmas Presents, Gifts, Bonuses For Moderators

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by ProWeb, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. ProWeb

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    I like to give end of year / Christmas gifts to our moderators. Here are my questions for those of you that have or are thinking about doing the same:

    1) Do you give all your moderators the same value of gifts? If you have some moderators that are on every day and some that are on only 2 times a month, do you award them the same, or do you give more to the ones that are more active?

    2) What kinds of gifts do you give them, assuming they are all over the US and maybe even all over the world? I'd like to stay away from gift cards since they seem kinda impersonal.

    3) Related to #1 above, what is the monetary value of the gifts you give? Are they closer to $10 or more like $50, or even $200 ?

    Looking forward to your feedback and ideas!
  2. LeadCrow

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    For value, depends on what value you feel they provided you with. If you're making big bucks, a couple gift coupons for good videogames shouldn't ruin you (like Orange Box/Team Fortress 2/Left4Dead2), especially with the frequent Steam discounts, so close to 20$ or so would feel alright.

    To keep the risk of hurt feelings away, I wouldnt create a divide between contributors of different levels.
    As an aside, rather than throwing gifts for specifically or only crew, it might be nice to throw something in for your most helpful or prolific poster(s).

    Boxed copies IMO feel better than digital-only deals, there's more value in personal to have a physical token of appreciation.

    For critically helpful sidekicks (like server admin), a more personal (and private) display of appreciation could be better (gift coupons for higher value items should be ok).

    If you got an online store, throwing in a tshirt with your brand/forum logo/name could be already enough bragging rights (and stealth advetising for the forum and store in a period online sales usually skyrocket).
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