Empower Your Staff!

By Lisa · Oct 22, 2011 ·
  1. Lisa

    Lisa Chaotically Proportional

    Morganna submitted a new Article:

    Empower Your Staff!

    Read more about this article here...
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  2. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

    I love this! I slapped together a mods handbook years back which we use, but yours has a jaunty approach which (of course) I love. Humor makes stuff approachable... maybe put all those quotes up at the top into quote ballons?


    And then a round up along the body of your guide where you have the ballooned quote in the body with your answer to it? This way it transforms your "mod comic book" into a "mod comic quote faq"

    Solid information with a contemporary twist in comic book balloned quote format

    And, final thing...okay if we link to what you wrote?

    Nice work

  3. Lisa

    Lisa Chaotically Proportional

    Sounds like something fun to do. I might throw together a Mod FAQ ebook implementing them :)

    And yes of course you can link!
  4. Jluis

    Jluis Aspirant

    Thanks for the article Azhria, very interesting.
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