Easiest way to learn command line

Discussion in 'Servers and Control Panels' started by hunter22375, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. hunter22375

    hunter22375 Aspirant

    Whats the easiest way to learn the command line in terms of managing your server and files. Learning all those commands.
  2. we_are_borg

    we_are_borg Moderator

    Reading, yes its that easy. If you know DOS commands look up dos vs linux commands you then see that ‘dir’ in linux ‘ls’ is. I would advice linux for dummies is easy to read later you go more advanced books http://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/linux/common-linux-commands/

    I would also advise virtualbox you can install it under windows and install linux in a container you can then learn to setup linux and install and do basic stuff.
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  3. eva2000

    eva2000 Habitué

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  4. Paul M

    Paul M Dr Pepper Addict

    Practice using them.
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  5. Matthew S

    Matthew S Adherent

    This is good advice.

    If you do setup a play system, have a go at some of the guides on https://www.howtoforge.com/. Start with something like their Perfect Server guides.

    Also, you need to learn an editor program. nano is a great place to start, but I'd recommend vi or vim, which are a bit more complex but are available on every Unix or Unix-like operating system you will touch from here on out. When I started, I bought a vi reference coffee mug similar to this to help me out.
  6. Claudio

    Claudio Neophyte

    By experience, the best way is practice and practice. Before doing it in that way, I used to save the commands on notepad and I copied them when I needed but it was pretty useless, I couldn't remind them even a day after I run them.
  7. BrandonSheley

    BrandonSheley loving life

    Load linux up on a USB and start playing around.
  8. zomgmike

    zomgmike Participant

    I would recommend using Ubuntu for your laptop or desktop. As often as possible, use the command line to accomplish routine tasks. You always have the "oops" of having a full graphical user interface.

    The perfect example would be running routine updates or installing routine software packages like Open Office. Instead of using the app store or the update button in the GUI, open the command line and run "apt-get install apache-openoffice" or apt-get update. Need to move a file? Give a try in the command line before dragging and dropping. That sort of thing.

    Before long you'll find yourself preferring the command line for some tasks and, at the very least, comfortable with it for others.
  9. vikvaliant

    vikvaliant Aspirant

    Depends on your learning style. For me, I learn best by doing. Start a project that you really want to do or that you're interested in-- preferably in a test environment. Then Google how to do things as you go. For example, if you need to copy a file from one directory to another in Linux, simply Google "copy a file from one directory to another in Linux." Over time, you'll notice that you won't have to look up certain things up any longer.
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