Easiest way to have a forum for a small number of peopel who aren't staff

Discussion in 'IPB' started by Ian Griffiths, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Ian Griffiths

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    I need to set up a little forum for myself and a few other members to discuss some things.

    It needs to be private from the rest of the membership and from people who are not logged in.

    The people I want in there are not staff.

    I don't want to use PMs because I need to be able to add people and for them to be able to see all previous discussions.

    I am using IPB 3.1.4

  2. gogoblender

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    Create a new member group, and only add the people to this member group that you want to have access to this new forum.

    Create the new forum, and make sure it's permissions only allow access for that single new member group you have just created.

    Me and the other Admin on my board do this, so that we have our own forum for just us two, with no mod team there and no members.

    If the other peeps you're trying to keep out be Admins, I'm not sure this can be done though.


  3. Ian Griffiths

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    No I am the only admin and the other people are just regular members but we need to discuss some car chassis data and don't really want chassis numbers in public.

    Thanks I'll give your suggestion a try.
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