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Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by joeran, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. joeran

    joeran Neophyte

    I have been looking to buy a website from flippa or empireflipper for a few weeks now, I already have a background in other ecommerce businesses.

    The website https://flippa.com/10012902-1stboards-com is a 5 year old drop shipping electric skateboard business from Asia, so the supply chain is pre-sorted, buyer market is throughout Asia, low sales recently which I think I could improve with some SEO.

    I checked on empireflipper with the stats and the valuation stated was between 12k to 15k. So the 11k reserve price seems ok. I'm hoping to run it for maybe 6 months and try to double the sales and sell aiming around 30k.

    Does anyone have experience here buying and selling digital assets?
  2. LloydM

    LloydM Adherent

    I've been in the drop-shipping business for a while now and all I have to contribute is you need to find the right product and market it the right way. If you do everything correctly. you may get sales.
  3. moonswamp

    moonswamp Neophyte

    have you checked the real details of the listed website.
    As I know there are many scams there... those black SEOers make some niche sites, send some fake traffic and list it for sale
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