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  1. petertdavis

    petertdavis Not a Beginner

    Someone mentioned to me about having a donation box on their forum. Has anyone tried this? I'd be curious to hear opinions about this.
  2. jeter4982


    I have had a donation button, but no one has ever used it. I think its a wise idea to make sure you spend more time on building the community feel, and then people will volunteer donations. I don't think the Admin constantly asking for money, especially in the beginning, will be very successful.

  3. Sniper

    Sniper Look behind you!

    You could try premimum usergroup, e.g. giving larger PM quota, no ads etc

    which is a kinda of a donation but you give them something back in return.
  4. Moncal

    Moncal Habitué

    I've seen both user subscriptions and straight donations work very well. I've also seen them both flop. It all depends on the user base.
  5. PacMan

    PacMan Tazmanian

    User subscriptions has worked well for me.
  6. Diana Notacat

    Diana Notacat The Space Kitten

    Have a good community and userbase before you add subscriptions or a donation button... Otherwise, it's just not going to work, and people feel kinda "weird" about visiting a tiny site where the webmaster has donaton pleas and such plastered everywhere. XD

    I use Paypal for donations and the subscriptions system via my vBulletin for "contributers" accounts to allow people some extra features when they donate! Along with a few brilliant ideas, the donations are small, but they substained the site!
  7. mightyb

    mightyb Amaizingnistrator

    well because i offer free mobile phone downloads before each download i have a little pop up telling people how much other sites could charge you for the same file and asking them to donate... It works alright but every time someone donates £1 i get 23p taken away by paypal...

    Premium membership works fine as well. I have changed the VIP usergroupl color a few hours ago and im also going to add a little medal do the rank for these people. Dont know if this will work though
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