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Discussion in 'Domains and SSL Certificates' started by Starion, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Starion

    Starion Aspirant

    A few things I'm pondering for the Domain Name for a forum for Inventors...

    1. Use of the word "forum" or "forums" in the domain name?
    2. Use of the word "board" or "boards"?

    ^ these are pretty functional and help find domains less likely to be taken, but many non forum users may not know what that means initially. "Club" or "Group" could be better??

    (unfort, Inventorforums and Inventorboards are both taken...ironically not being used for anything either...I'll try contacting owner, but can't go paying for passion project.

    3. I think .COM is best, but .ORG could also work, but not if the .com is taken.

    *notes - keep it short. Preferably 1-2 words. Of course no dashes, periods, numbers, etc.
  2. PoetJC

    PoetJC ♠ Jacquii: Black Kween of Hearts ♠

  3. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    I think including 'forum' in a domain name limits the type of site you can use there.
    'Community' or 'club' feel more appropriate since they can encompass a larger spectrum of communities without restricting the format you can use, wether that community is formed around a forum, social media groups or realworld gatherings.

    My humble proposal -> (.com squatted, no risk for the .net facing competition from the .com domain).
  4. Starion

    Starion Aspirant

    1 & 2. No worries about alternate uses really. I'm not largely concerned with branding outside of the forum to be honest.

    3. I do have concerns about people searching for and trying to visit the .COM counterpart for any name if I don't own it. Can lose traffic and turn people off if they run into problems accessing the site. Even have that concern with .ORG.

    .COM to me is simply by far the most commonly used, that I don't plan on choosing a name if I can't at least get the .com. However with autofill & most browsers not requiring actually typing out complete domains, this may be less of a concern?

    I plan on applying for grants to pay for site hosting, possibly hire help to set up & manage, but that'll be another thread.
  5. haqzore

    haqzore Habitué

    There is no reason not to use a new TLD now in terms of google and search results.
  6. PoetJC

    PoetJC ♠ Jacquii: Black Kween of Hearts ♠

    A .online site has no lesser value in terms of SEO than a .com ... According to google - they are both weighted the same, preferential treatment being given to neither.

  7. stijl

    stijl Aspirant

    I would seriously consider thinking out of the the box and NOT use forum or board singular or plural in your domain name - the web user is educated now and affords you the ability to be more creative. As for the .tld .com is still king and will bring value and status to your community over the disposable budget tld’s.
  8. djbaxter

    djbaxter Tazmanian Veteran

    My thoughts:
    • Using forum (or forums but I would personally use the singular) as part of the domain is fine if that's all you plan to use it for. For greater flexibility, you can use or
    • I would not use board or boards.
    • Try using combinations or phrases other than forum or club to find an available .com - I will PM you 4 examples that are available as .com domains so someone reading this thread doesn't grab grab them.
    • From an SEO standpoint, yes the newer TLDs are fine. From the standpoint of memorability (and ease of typing) for members and potential members, I would not use them.
    • Are you based in the US? If not, consider a regional TLD.
  9. Pandemixx

    Pandemixx Aspirant

    I just moved my forums to a .org with "forums" in the domain name. I like the feel .org gives (organization = group of people) and interestingly enough, a couple of members made the connection as well. It would be nice to have the .com, but these days getting one of the classics (.net/.org) feels like a win.
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