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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Adventurer, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Adventurer

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    Think that's what they're called. The .com, .net, .org etc. at the end of the domain name.

    Is there any pros and cons with these to consider, or is it just a matter of preference for the way it sounds, or to make the same name available with a slight difference at the end.

    Anything which picking the wrong one can have a bad effect on?

    I see to register some is more expensive than others, is this just worked on popularity?

    Sorry for all the questions.
  2. DeveloperBase

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    At least with .com and .net there is not one bit of SEO difference. I have both and my .net's ranks just as well as my .com's.

    But you have to remember by default when people go to type in a URL they think of .com over any other domain.
  3. T3chn0

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    Yeah the .com notion is important but at the same time, I've seen a lot of successful .other extension sites so it's still possible to be successful.

    Just make sure that your users remember it's NOT .com if you go with something else. I think it's a lot easier if you attempt that when it's a region issue, like if you own a UK related site then won't be as forgettable as if you had a general site with say .net instead of .com but as stated before, it's not the end of the world if you don't have a .com
  4. rngrdanny22

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    .com is the king of all domains. As previously mentioned, most people think of .com before anything else.

    It's especially worse if you try to create a site like and is an established site. You will surely lose traffic this way.
  5. Adventurer

    Adventurer Aspirant

    Thanks for the reassurance, looks like I picked the better of the options as I went with a .com address.

    Appreciate the advice.
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