Do blogs generate more revenue than forums?

Discussion in 'Generating Revenue' started by cpvr, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. cpvr

    cpvr Tazmanian Master

    Has anyone had more success generating revenue with blogs than with forums? If so, how much more did you make from your blog than one of your forums? I recently created my own blog about a a month ago- and the earnings are pretty good and will probably surpass my forum's earnings if I can get more traffic to it.

    So, which one do you think generates more revenue? Blogs or forums?
  2. biftek

    biftek Adherent

    with the right amount of marketing, time and effort , a forum can pay off also
    my blogs generate all my revenue , the forum is just a sideline project

    with the others that i talked to in the industry , they do generate a nice sum with their forums and very little with the blogs that the created
  3. mikesilvia

    mikesilvia Participant

    I run several forums and several blogs. Blogs have a MUCH higher click through rate than forums. I would that is is due to blogs generally having better content and systems like WorPress are cleaner than forums. Better content will always perform better than short forum posts.
  4. Ted S

    Ted S Tazmanian Master

    You're talking about hundreds of thousands of sites in each category -- some sell better than others. Simply put, either can make more than the other, there are no absolutes.
  5. Ljay23bling

    Ljay23bling Aspirant

    stick adsense code under post reply button and you will get a lot of money from peoples mistakes. plus it doesnt violate google tos
  6. d8tabyte

    d8tabyte Habitué

    Short answer -


    Blogs are way easier than forums to generate revenue
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