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Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by dieselpowered, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. dieselpowered

    dieselpowered CommanderTalk.com

    Has anyone been using, or have used Digg.com for promotion of their site?

    I was considering placing a link on posts within my forums that members could click on to "Digg" however, thought I would get some input on whether is worth it or not.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Musical_frog

    Musical_frog Mac' N' Cheese Eater

    I tried it, think I got like three members out of it. It doesn't hurt.
  3. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    The good thing is after you register a Digg account. Digging threads takes very little time and effort. Which is good.
  4. amoxycillin

    amoxycillin Aspirant

    I haven't seen an *amazing* response, but I do see spikes in visitors after someone "Diggs" a post.
    So re-itterating what Musical_frogM said, it can't hurt any :)
  5. Hootyea

    Hootyea Aspirant

    There have actually been a few blog posts I've read on this. The response is generally that you'll basically get no users, and if your site goes on the front page you'll be lucky if your site doesn't get the 'digg effect'.

    Too me it's always seemed a waste. It burns your bandwidth, you might get 10 return visitors, and Digg users are notorious for having AdSense and such installed.
  6. JoshB

    JoshB TalkSTAR

    It really seems to be an all or nothing event with digg, in my experience. If you don't get "dugg", no gain, if you get dugg heavily, front page, but you suffer from the "digg effect" of your site not being able to handle the extra traffic. I have never had a "middle ground" experience, where I make some good regular return visitors out of a story. This isn't to say it isn't possible, just that I haven't personally experienced it.
  7. mickmel

    mickmel Aspirant

    One other thing to consider - over time, your profile page can gain some decent PR, so links that you submit to them will be a nice little backlink for you.
  8. dekard

    dekard Participant

    Digg is good, I've been using it on all the articles written by me or a mod. Yes, we've gotten Dugg to the front page, and thats an intense experience, for sure... A ton of fun that every webmaster should go through at least one a year, I say.

    I got a mountain of traffic and 40x my normal daily ad revenue on both Adsense and Adbrite (adbrite still stinks and I am not using it anymore). I picked up a small handful of members, my page rank went up a notch and.... I crashed the server for about 15 minutes. All in all, a great day.

    You'd have to have a system in place to help with converting guests into registered visitors, and know its works before you try to get dugg, otherwise you'll get a mountain of traffic and only benefit from the ad revenue when you could also get new members. Also, have your ads in place and your server tweaked, mysql, php caching system and make sure you aren't burdening your server too much by asking it to handle more than its capable of. (ie, too many joomla modules or vbull features enabled)

    I've got a couple of links on Wikipedia which are worth a couple of hundred hits a day. When I first got those I was very happy to have steady traffic. From Digg I got 25k visitors in a day and I'm now averaging 1k uniques a day more than 2 weeks later from my previous 650 uniques a day before the Digg.

    Anyway, yes, Digg is cool. However, do not digg every post, spam isn't appreciated anywhere. If you have something unusually good, (no more than one or two a day would be my recommendation) than Digg them. Articles and certain stickies should always be Dugg in my opinion. Don't expect miracles, but they can happen on Digg, Fark, Slashdot, Netscape, Facebook, Technorati and the like. Use them all, and get feedburner on your rss too.
  9. adigaskell

    adigaskell Adherent

    I think as people have said, if you get dugg on a regular basis then it certainly does your branding no harm whatsoever and gives you some decent back links from a seo point of view too.
  10. smilingface1

    smilingface1 Participant

    I tried to use digg, and it helps
  11. SpilltheBeans

    SpilltheBeans Adherent

    I started using Digg for a new website and it seems to get some visitors, but not a lot. But once it's set up, it doesn't take much time to digg up articles.

    I think the reason for this is that a lot of digg users are like channel surfers and buffet eaters. They want to sample a little of everything since there's so much content everywhere. It's hard to get people stick around when they just read a topic and move on.
  12. lllAE86lll

    lllAE86lll Computer Technician

    Digg is really good for driving quality traffic into your website.

    When your article get in the front page of digg. Sit back and receive good traffics :)
  13. Hired Goomba

    Hired Goomba Enthusiast

    I have done a couple of articles for Digg featuring my site and so far I think it just get lots of hits, more than new members to my forums. :(

    But it is always good to send your site out to new people.
  14. Fac1

    Fac1 Aspirant

    Going to try advertising using it now, let's see...
  15. futurex

    futurex Aspirant

    any one tell me how to add digg button beside the quote botton in the post or in the footer??
  16. dekard

    dekard Participant

    there are quite a variety of different mods that do that... I don't recommend it though, you'll have a severe case of Digg spam.

    Digg should only be used for the threads that have a universal appeal. Most forum posts or threads have a limited appeal outside their forums. Its the exceptional thread that deserves to be dugg.
  17. JoeThaMan

    JoeThaMan Aspirant

    I tried it. I submitted a couple tech articles that I had written but didn't really notice any increase in traffic.
  18. d8tabyte

    d8tabyte Habitué

    Every single time I submit one of my articles, and its every single one I publish, I see an immediate spike in traffic and usually get 100-200 unique hits.

    Those continue for a few days per article.

    That being said - has anyone noticed the upgrade in how digg articles are published today?
  19. Danaldinho

    Danaldinho Lil Wayne Fan

    I have tried it, but i never got any members from it :(
  20. aholiday

    aholiday Enthusiast

    Currently AM, You won't get members unless you get mass Diggs!
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