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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by ProWeb, Mar 11, 2017.

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    One of the most important tasks for a forum management team (Admins, Moderators, etc.) is to find and reward / encourage the "best" members. Now, keep in mind this term is VERY subjective and I'm not talking about the individual's value in REAL LIFE... I'm saying from the perspective of "contributions to the health and growth of a community" perspective.

    I think I'll eventually even build out an xf addon that displays this info for moderators and allows for fine-tuning the calculations.

    Right now, these are the main data points I'm using to find the "best" members:
    • Total Posts
    • Posts Last 60 Days
    • Total Likes Received
    • Likes Received Last 60 Days
    I calculate a "total score" based on a weight I give each of these (like total posts/70 + posts-60-days/4 + total likes/3 + Likes-60-days/2)... so, I get a combo of the "best" members from all-time and recent. I can tweak the weights to call out just the all-time or just the recent / up-n-commers.

    I could throw in all kinds of other data points like:
    • Threads started
    • Images uploaded
    • Articles created
    • etc.
    I could also fine-tune how the data is pulled, for example:
    • Instead of just using "all likes", I could segment it so it's only likes from non-social sections of the forum. I could also give more weight to likes give to articles vs. posts.
    • I could give more weight to posts in the "on-topic" sections and decrease the weight for "social" sections.
    This, of course, brings up the discussion of value of social engagement vs. topic-specific engagement. Does it matter what the content is, as long as there's a lot and other members are liking it?

    So, what data points would you use to tease-out your "best" members?
  2. ProWeb

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    I'm digging up this old thread because I'd LOVE some help in how to really tease out (with data) who the "best" members are.

    Obviously the easy one is a combo of # of posts and # of likes... and then post-to-like ratios.

    ... but I'd like to get way more nuanced / detailed than that.

    What other ways can we use the tons of backend data in our DB's to tease out best-members?
  3. PoetJC

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    A couple suggestions:
    1. Specifically communicate with said member(s) via PM, thanking them for loyalty personally so that they understand their value to the community.
    2. "Best" members (using your terminology) need to see an upgrade in their membership status. Perhaps offer them a moderator position...
    "Teasing" is not gonna work as for inspiring participation. What you need to do is continually provide valuable content so that members will feel the need to join the conversation. And for the love of God.. Create a posting policy which encourages conversation, while encouraging your moderating team to "not be scared" about joining in, even when the topic(s) are contentious ones. What you don't do is create an atmosphere where members feel tentative about voicing their various opinions; we aim to keep the conversation on topic while encouraging honest feedback from our users.

    Intriguing topic ProWebProWeb ... Wish I could add more and probably will.
    One point of contention ==> "Content is King" .... Using such logic would dictate that "Users (Members) are not King."
    Lay out a plate of cake and folks will want the corner pieces.. The corner pieces have more icing and we have a sweet tooth. You want to encourage your users to be comfortable in exposing their sweet tooth in such a manner that demands ice-cream be added to the plate. Even we without the corner cake pieces can feel included and perhaps even ask for a double-scoop, while (staff member or not) continually adding substantive content to your database.

    We won't talk about the chips..

    Bad analogy I'm sure LOL - But it's all that I have to offer at this particular moment in time.
    Cheers dude.

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  4. jair101

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    I am actually thinking about something similar, but I want to find a way to create a rating for each post:

    - based on in which forum it is posted - posts in chit-chat forums/topics should count less
    - based on size of post - one liners should count less then long thoughtful answers
    - based on amount of reactions. I even think of introducing some reactions that will be available only for mod/admin team and they will add additional boost
    - based on number of attachments - in my niche (travel), it is nice to post a lot of images, so this should be encouraged.
    - based on additional articles, gallery albums, etc - not just the forum content

    You can also create some per member factors:

    - how often they log in
    - last time logged in (I guess points should be decaying if they don't login too much, I don't want members that haven't logged in in 2 years carry a lot of rating)
    - etc...

    You can make more complicated ones as well:

    - members who don't react to posts a lot, should have their reactions count more then those that like everything
    - do the members provide feedback after they ask question and receive answers, this should give more points
    - etc.

    Then simply sum all points per user and you get the most useful ones.

    I haven't been able to formalize my entire idea yet, but it will be something similar to this. I plan to do it in the next few months, I hope I won't need any custom work done, but it is very improbable I will be able to escape that. Currently using IPS and planning to do it with the automation rules addon.

    It is a real shame that currently we are only able to rank members based on very artificial factors like post, topic and reputation counts.
  5. Wes of StarArmy

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    I agree that post size should be a factor.

    One issue is that finding the most helpful members is only one side of the coin - having that data but only the staff seeing it seems like a missed opportunity. If you could tie it to a rep system or point system or the Xenforo trophy system, where you can gamify activity, incentivize activity, and make it competitive, that would be a real winner. Some of the old cash mods and such did something like this (Like where Gaia Online rewards "gold" for posting) but not as advanced.

    Also should reports or warnings against the member be factored into your scoring system?
  6. Alfa1

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    For something like this I think you need to first measure post quality. And for that likes are not enough, because you also need to measure bad posts and how bad.
    If a reputation system is integrated well then members will rate rule breaches negatively. Example from my reputation system of a troll getting rated:

    Screenshot-2018-6-14 What happened i'm confused .png
    Hence warnings are effectively factored in, in the reputation of a member.
    Suffice to say that the above member was warned & banned.

    If low reputation thresholds affect usergroup demotion then this boils down to crowd moderation.
    Conversely if high reputation thresholds are a factor in promotions, then members with stellar contributions will quickly rise in ranks and become visible to staff and members.

    Another factor we use is post to reputation factor.
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