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Discussion in 'Graphics Discussion and Help' started by Pooosia, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Pooosia

    Pooosia Aspirant

    Hi to all!

    I was always wondering how do people with little knowledge of design can do a good web design of their pages. When I was creating my website I was trying to learn something to do that but the result was no so good as I wanted and expected.

    Is it possible to do a good design without help of any professionals?
    I couldn't do that, but it is interesting if someone managed to proceed in it himself.
  2. Maddox

    Maddox Habitué

    It takes time to learn - no one becomes a 'professional' after a few dabbling experiments. I've run my own web design business since 1999 and I'm still learning. The world of the Internet is forever evolving and changes in techniques are becoming more frequent. Gone are the days of basic HTML scattered with a few graphics all produced in frames. We now have things like Flex and Display Grid all being added to the CSS framework, not that these a really new, but now supported by almost all browsers. If it's something you really want to do then you need to study and grasp the infrastructure and how it is formed. There's a lot to soak up, but it's not impossible and if you're young with a sharp mind, it shouldn't take too long to grasp what you need to start designing your own site. You don't need to soak it all up, but study the parts that will allow you to make a start.

    Use the 'view page source' in your browser to see how a site is constructed and use the browser console to experiment with the CSS to see how it operates.

    Never give in - keep at it until it clicks and the rewards can be phenomenal.

  3. emilyquirq

    emilyquirq Neophyte

    I have been trying to do it myself as well, but it seems too hard when you don't really a master of web design. And I also need the help of professionals.
    If someone can advise a good UX/ UI designer I will really appreciate it.
  4. Pooosia

    Pooosia Aspirant

    I was so tired after my unsuccessful attempts to make a good-looking design that I decided to find someone really good at it. I've checked a number of freelance web designers and some agencies. At least I've chosen [removed by admin] They understood my needs without words. By the way, you can find the examples of their works at their website. They also deal with illustrations, it is very important thing, I think, if you want to make your website look unique. I will be happy if you'll find them useful.
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  5. Alice_B

    Alice_B Neophyte

    When you want your website to look great and perform well, you should turn to a web designer - a pro whose main focus is making your website user friendly. Good web design isn’t just about being artsy; your site’s UI is what determines whether visitors will stick around and keep coming back. That’s why my company hired a web design agency for our corporative website. It was Spiral Scout. They’ve made a great job! Everyone in the company was satisfied with this website. Here is the link to this agency:
  6. El8482

    El8482 Neophyte

    Hi guys! Did not wanted to begin a new thread but really need help. Can you please check out my web site . was thinking about some kind of feedback. do you like it or not. maybe some suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  7. cheat_master30

    cheat_master30 Moderator

    My honest advice to people in this situation is that if you're not very skilled as a designer and just need something decent looking up quickly, pick a framework like Bootstrap and be done with it. It won't stand out much, but it'll generally look more professional than a home grown solution would, and provide a basis to learn from in future.

    If you've got more time though, do what Maddox suggests and learn from other sites and what not. Maybe also read a few articles about UX and UI design too.
  8. Frank Borg

    Frank Borg Neophyte

    Well, it's really awesome that you are trying to do something good. But you have to learn some basic things at least you should learn WordPress website you can learn from youtube or any other platforms
  9. Harti

    Harti Neophyte

    These are 8 steps you can follow after learning the skill:

    1. Define Your Site’s Purpose and Strategy

    2. Research the Latest Web Design Trends

    3. Choose Your Platform

    4. Select a Template and Start Customizing

    5. Decide on Your Branding

    6. Add In and Optimize Your Content

    7. Publish Your Website

    8. Analyze and Improve
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  10. overcast

    overcast Adherent

    WordPress has page builders that you can use to design the websites.

    You can also use such page builders inside the Squarespace too. So if you don't want to give anyone money you can design it on your own.
  11. darnoldy

    darnoldy Curmudgeon

    They can't. In order to do a good job of designing anything, you have to acquire knowledge of design.

    Only if you acquire the skills and knowledge that they would provide.

    To do anything well, you have to study and practice, and make lots of mistakes, and do it again until you are better at it--or pay someone else to do it for you.
  12. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    I agree and even if you have an (un)natural talent for design you still need to master the tools in order to get it onto the page.
  13. Bluefish

    Bluefish Aspirant

    It's just like anything else, some people are naturally good at website design, some are not. Regardless, there is a learning curve to acquire the skills necessary to do it properly. That said, the popular platforms have become much more user friendly over the years allowing people to do more with less understanding.
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