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    I recently was trying upload a backup of my database and I get this error msg

    An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.

    I followed these directions here

    1) Restoring the database.

    You can use phpmyadmin to restore the database. Phpmyadmin is a free program that allows you to manage your database. Many hosts will preinstall this program for you. Once you are logged in to phpmyadmin you need to select your database in the left column and then click the Import tab on the top right. Browse to your database backup file on your computer and then click Go on the bottom. This can take a while depending on the size of the database and the speed of your connection.

    2) Restoring the files.

    Use a FTP program to upload your forum directory. This can take a long time if you have a lot of attachments on your forum.

    3) Edit the config file.

    Now you need to edit the library/config.php file to point to the database to which you restored the database backup

    I did number 1 and number 3.
    My questions is this

    1) What does the error message mean?

    2) The backup is a converted SMF forum that was converted to XF...It says Restoring the files? If it is a fresh copy of XF what files do i need to resotore?
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    It can be done via some tools. Hit me a pm!
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