Converting Blog Articles into an Audio "Podcast"

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by Triangulum, Sep 9, 2018.

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    I'm trying to think of some ways that I might be able to increase visitors to my site.

    I've personally come to the conclusion that my forum needed a regularly updated "blog" section, complete with images and scannable subheadings in the posts, in order to entice new visitors. At the very least, I'm hoping they will stay on the page longer and maybe be interested in looking around the site a little more.

    For this, I'm using XenPorta, which is really working out very well for me.

    However, I'm thinking about taking this blog posting thing to the next level, by offering an audio version in which I'd record my voice reading the article.

    So, I suppose I have a few questions...some hypothetical and some technical. Let's start with the hypothetical.

    Is this idea worth it? Do you think there's even any demand for an audio recording of blog posts? I've already done a few tests and the average blog post takes me a little over 4 minutes to read, start to finish. Would anyone bother listening to a 4 minute blog post?

    Assuming this might be a good way of introducing my site to a new audience, how is it done, from a technical perspective? Does anyone currently convert their blog posts to audio or have a regular podcast? How exactly does this work?

    From what I'm seeing, you basically create an .mp3 and host it somewhere, then produce an .rss feed to syndicate it out to various podcast directories. Is there any practical way of doing this inside XenForo 2?

    Thanks in advance for any advice/tips!
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