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Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by Bert2, Dec 27, 2009.

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    I have a tutorial website, and one of the things I do to get ideas for new content is to give people the opportunity to request free tutorials. The idea is that if you want a tutorial for something specific, then you can just go to the simple contact form and ask.

    The problem I'm having is that my conversion rate (e.g. someone requesting a free tutorial) is low. I am getting traffic to the site (it's been up since October and I get 400-600 people/mo), any my AdWords conversion rate in terms of getting people there is very good.

    I tried having people go to the contact page but had little success in getting people to ask questions. And I'm currently trying a mini-squeeze page to appeal to a broader audience, and try to preface it a little more for people who need convincing.

    I was going to add a small board to try to give people a different avenue to ask a question (E.g. just two forums: "request a tutorial" and an "ask a question"), but my thought is that if I can't get them to convert on a simple contact page, then how could I get them to go through the effort of signing up for a forum? Then again maybe I do need a small forum with some activity to make people comfortable...???

    Here's my squeeze page:

    Any advice at all is much appreciated.
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    my first comment is what do you want to convert them with? There are too many options and ads on the page to make it clear what you want me to do next. If you have a landing page that you want to convert ppl with, you should really call to action what you want them to click on.

    Which brings to mind the big button used over on the largest forum in the world -
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    Thanks for looking and I LOVE the button.

    What I want is this:
    1. Person heads to site. Has a computer question or needs a tutorial or video tutorial

    2. Person clicks on one of the "get a free tutorial links" at the end of the posts, or in the contact menu.

    3. Person fills out a very short form to request a tutorial.

    I tried having them go from adwords directly to the contact page and conversions were low.

    Then I tried having them go from adwords directly to a squeeze page (that's the link in the above post [at the bottom of the post]), and then to the contact page and conversions were low, too.

    Maybe people don't want free tutorials - or they don't want to wait and would rather just keep browsing to find a solution.

    That's why I considered adding a forum - a tiny one as described above -- just to show some activity.

    Anyway, your feedback is much appreciated.
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    Thanks for the extra info Bert2, so you posted 'what you want', and here's how I see 'what a person wants.

    Typical web searching person:
    1. Heads to gooogle, types in some computer question with keywords.

    2. Results pop up, hopefully you're in the Top 5 results.

    3. Person lands on your page and skims it in less than 5 seconds, they want to know does this answer the question I asked?

    4. If it does, they'll keep reading (and maybe click on something), if it doesn't they hit the back button and click on the next link below yours to see if that answers there question.

    So where I see a problem, is on Step 3. First, the page you linked doesn't anser a question with text so there is no way I would ever land on it. And 2nd if I did, I would probably look somewhere else for the answer.

    Second, people don't always search for 'I need computer advice', they search phrases like 'HP-500 printer error ms word' and expect to find answers to those problems.

    Once you have some tailored pages (with content) to answer questions, then I think you could promote a signup to a free tutorial (my guess is it isn't truly free, you must have some other motive) but either way, you'll then need to focus them on that '1 action'. Remove ads and all those other confusing links and just give them a few things to click on. Like the free tutorial, some other webpages with similar content, and the homepage of the website.

    And yes, I said get rid of the ads, there are 3 ads on the page right now, one is links in the top right and the other two are box flash ads next to youtube videos, so at a quick glance, it's not easy to see which is an ad and which is not. Now that's fine if you're trying to get ppl clicking on an ad, but you said that wasn't your goal, your goal is to drive them to the tutorial page - so you shouldn't have any ads, those ads just compete with your goal.
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