Apache Conversion from Fast-CGI to FPM

Discussion in 'Servers and Control Panels' started by Dubbed Navigator, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Dubbed Navigator

    Dubbed Navigator Enthusiast


    I'm looking at changing my PHP handler from fast CGI to FPM to take full advantage of NGINX, not experienced in this side of things, but from my limited research it can offload strain on the server and improve speed.

    What would be the best way for me to do this? server is CentOS7 running plesk.

    I tried simply switching it over in plesk, and got met with a 404 anytime I clicked a forum. Suffice to say I reversed it.
  2. Solidus

    Solidus Stupid machines!

    I use Plesk as well and PHP-FPM runs without issue. What software are you using that you get 404s?
  3. Dubbed Navigator

    Dubbed Navigator Enthusiast

    IPS. The forum itself displays fine, as does the ACP. A sson as I navigate to a forum however i get the 404.
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