Contest ideas?

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by Solo, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. gumleaf

    gumleaf Aspirant

    How would you judge the most interesting post for the month? Number of views?
  2. colochris

    colochris Participant

    What would you give away for a bankruptcy and credit forum?

    I am lost on ideas?
  3. Liberty Dog

    Liberty Dog Aspirant

    My site is a community portal for the local metropolitan area. I am currently putting together a contest called "Picture the Metro". I will have at least 2 photos of buildings/locations from each town in the Metro. People will have to register with the site to see the photos and have a chance to guess the location of each photo. Everyone that gets all the photos correct will be entered in a drawing for a digital camera.

    The original poster might be able to adapt something like this for his site.
  4. SactoEric

    SactoEric Enthusiast

    I recently started a regional forum based site & was trying to think of traffic generating and contest ideas... Your suggestion is absolutely great! Now I just need to think of good prizes...
  5. Liberty Dog

    Liberty Dog Aspirant

    Thanks Eric, I hope it works out for you. I don't think I am going to do mine until after the beginning of the year, but I will report back with the results.
  6. tyros8000

    tyros8000 MyBB Fan!

    money could be a good one lol.
  7. SimonP1878

    SimonP1878 Adherent

    My site is a fan site for an English Premier League team and with Christmas coming up, I have scooped quite a few big, big prizes

    However, I'm not doing it on forum posts or anything like that - probably not even a question - just a "Email your name and contact details" type thing

    I've got things like a kit worn by one of our players during a match, signed, and also a trip to see how a local radio show is put together on the morning of a match complete with meeting a legend who once played for our club - add to that the fact the radio station is on top of a 400ft tower in the middle of the city, and it's quite a big set of prizes

    there will also be around 30 "runner's up" prized of badges with my site's logo on or mouse-mats or t-shirts

    am I too generous? lol
  8. originalthechad

    originalthechad Aspirant

    How did you all find competitions went ? and where did you advertise these competitions
  9. kamikaze92

    kamikaze92 Neophyte

    Conest ideas

    I give away Gmail invitations to people who have posted over 10 posts, (yes it's a new forum) :)
  10. gray929

    gray929 Participant

    You dont need invites for gmail anymore.
  11. Nirok

    Nirok Participant

    My sites a spoodle dog forum site and at the moment i give away tshirts virtually to most new members how are active and have heaps of contests like one at the moment which is guess how many puppies our dogs going to have.... and get a free tshirt.... the main reason i'm virtually freely giving away tshirts is that i'm encouraging them to wear them when walking there spoodle so it sorta starts a pride thing and also advertises the site outside of the internet..... starting to look more into serious items like dog leads and branded ipods shuffles, collars, etc etc.... these prizes will be proper comeptitions... the tshirts have been sort after with new users pm me asking where they can get the spoodle
  12. spiderdim

    spiderdim Neophyte

    Hi guys, first post here!

    i have a forum and we talk about technology and we specialized at computers.

    we have our birthday in a month and we want to do 1 contest..

    what do u think to do?

    i liked that idea

    but i dont know how to do it.... i Have vbulletin

    thanks a lot guys
  13. Naijafinder

    Naijafinder Neophyte

    I also need a forum contest ideas for users who reply or post a thread. Maybe users will be given recharge card.
  14. King G

    King G Enthusiast

    what is your sites niche how about ask users to describe your nice in 1 word? other forums have done it. give it a try:)
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