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Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by Solo, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Solo

    Solo Aspirant

    I had my first contest and it was a referral contest. I gave out prizes like sweatshirts, t-shirts etc.

    What are the best ideas for contests that will grow my site?

    Please help. :whew:
  2. cogeek

    cogeek Aspirant

    why don't give a vbulletin licnese to the best member?
  3. akoj

    akoj Enthusiast

    I did the same thing a month ago but I gave out an envelope of coupons that were really "hot" at the time. I have a coupon/bargain site though so the members really wanted it. The nice thing was that the members on the site contributed most of the coupons to give away. I did limit the number of friends to three that someone could refer because I noticed certain members making up accounts :ferris:

    I checked out your site. Love your logo--that is exactly what I need! Since you have a local site, maybe one of the local places would donate a gift certificate?
  4. nogerorob

    nogerorob Aspirant

    I spent about 300 bucks to have 600 site-branded beer bottle openers made. I'm using these for giveaways at content-related public events and now as a request/reward system to get users to write content for my site.

    At first I didn't think something as simple as this would work, but then it did the first day! Someone wrote a whole article!

    I think it would have festered on the board alone, but I plugged the new "request/reward" on my email newsletter (1000+ people) and I think that made a difference.

    The author was a new poster, and it was a great post for the forums.

  5. Solo

    Solo Aspirant

    Great ideas, and thanks for the responses.

    I am having a new contest called "Mega Posts" and the first 5 people to reach 500 posts wins a t-shirt.

    My referral contest worked well. I used the referral feature of vBulletin and gave out Pocono Forums t-shirts, sweatshirts and coffee mugs to the top 3 winners.

    Mainly what I am trying to do is increase the post count, and gain members. I will probably keep giving away pocono forums merchandise to help with brand awareness and advertising.

    Any other contest ideas that you all have come up with to increase member postings, and gain new users? :worship:
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  6. mojo

    mojo Habitué

    If any of your site has "premium" or "pay" content, an idea would be for the leading refererr overall to maintain free membership, and for each month, the member with the most active and legit referrals for a month could get a determined amount of time of free membership to the premium areas.
  7. FansofRealityTV

    FansofRealityTV Habitué

    That would be fine for a forum community like this, but not for a Pocono Mountain site. It would just encourage copycats, in my opinion.

    I give away DVD's of reality shows infrequently. The members like them. What I actually do is give them an Amazon gift certificate for the amount of the DVD, so they can buy whatever they want.
  8. mojo

    mojo Habitué

    Amazon gift certificates, in the way you are doing, is something I was thinking about as well. I can see that being much more productive for advertising than many of the things you would pay for otherwise.
  9. Trusylver

    Trusylver Neophyte

    On my new forum I have chosen to give away the choice of a full page listing in my business directory or an SEO report for an existing website.
  10. immotive

    immotive fred

    One of my admins managed to get free hotel vouchers (only 2 per 6 months), so im going to give this away, but no contest idea yet. Hopefully he is able to get some mp3 players as well... wow....
  11. Flirt

    Flirt Aspirant

    For those of you who do contests for post counts or referrals, do you count BS posts or members who register but only post one or two things?
  12. cj1973

    cj1973 Half Wit with Attitude

    I once found a PHP script on one of the PHP Communities, it was a Free Script and worked just like a virtual lotto scratch card, where members could register for an account, and be given 'x' number of attempts at matching five numbers by 'scratching' off panels.

    The system worked well, and the user could set the odds of winning or choose it to be totally random. It was a unique and very effective way of rewarding members with the chance to win a prize.

    I offered my members a chance to take part in this at the end of every month, in order to win a suitably appealing prize, but it was restricted ONLY to those members who had made 200+ posts and had been a member of the forum for more than 3 months (Usual anti-spam rules apply :tisk: ). Well it got the post count up :jiggy: .

    Sadly my forum host went out of business and the script was lost, but I would love to find it again.

    WARNING:- It is advisable to check with your local laws to make sure that you are not falling foul of any lotteries or gaming / gambling act. In the UK I was advised that this act applies only to applications where payment is requested in order to take part, or where any monetory pay outs are made., and it was perfectly legal to run it on a prize only basis with free entry. However I would strongly advise that you check the Law in your own jurisdiction.
  13. BiReL41r

    BiReL41r TheBuySellTradeForum

    Meh, my contests are pretty dull and boring.

    The basic referral contest, winner receives $25USD, second $8USD and then third $4USD, but still nobody seems to care because nobody competes in them. Have one going on now, nobodies competing as the looks of it...
  14. bex

    bex Adherent

    I'm doing a monthly creativity competition, where members enter a piece of artwork, poetry, photography etc for a certain theme. The winner gets a rosette icon in their profile, and anyone who gets 3 rosettes wins vouchers. It gives people something to come back to the forum for
  15. Ted S

    Ted S Tazmanian Master

    That's a great idea since it keeps people involved in creating content but isn't tied to making X posts or bringing Y people to the site. Contests work best when they are either based on competitions, or simple to enter and drum up visits and interests. Putting post count and other conditions in place can certainly work but that changes the promotion from a major driving force to something much harder to get involved with and much more niche.

    Also be sure to select prizes that relate to your users. Giving away a vb license on a site about vb makes perfect sense, giving one away on a biking forum probably doesn't.
  16. friscogal

    friscogal Participant

    i have destination wedding forum so i did a contest with most posts for the month but set rules/guidlines about no bs posts and gave away a $50 giftcertificate towards travel and also did a referral contest with a subscription to some bridal mags (since it is destination wedding site).

    i had 44 new members in 2 days (usually i average 15-20 new members a week)
  17. TheMaTrIx

    TheMaTrIx Adherent

    We just moved a website from MKPortal + SMF to Joomla + SMF.

    The users exist in SMF, but at very first login get added to Joomla.

    So the competition we have going at the moment is that every 1000th member to get added to the Joomla database gets a Free for Life 10GB disk 100GB bandwidth hosting package.
  18. LanceT

    LanceT Aspirant

    Depending on your niche, there are different prizes that are appropriate. For example, video game forums would likely give out video games, and webmaster forums might give out free domains, webhosting, or licenses.

    My forums is an Asian entertainment forums, so I give out gift certificates to Yes, CDs, DVDs, Anime, etc.
  19. gumleaf

    gumleaf Aspirant

    DVDs would be good for cheaper postage. I was giving away magazines but they are very heavy for posting OS.
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