Found/Closed Coder/Styler for adhoc assistance

Discussion in 'Community Cooperative' started by sb1962, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Name of site (and/or forum):Classic Camp Stoves & Classic Pressure Lamps
    Link to forum: &
    Forum Software: Xenforo
    Total number of posts the forum has received: 360,000 & 70,000

    I'm a non-coder admin but can work my way around the basics. I need a tech buddy well versed in the php, css, sql etc that powers our forums to provide assistance for the times I get stuck. That may be with trouble shooting problems, styling issues etc.

    I'd want to pay on a job by job basis having been given an idea of cost up front.

    I'd prefer someone with a good track record of providing such assistance, evidenced here or on the xenforo forum, who can deal with issues at fairly short notice. Ideal qualities will be patience & a sense of humour. ;)

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    Hi sb1962sb1962 ... I'd be happy to assist with your project.
    PM me if interested and let me know exactly what you need help with. If it's something I can get done for you = I'll get 'er done :)