Closed my site, what can i do next

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Jason5, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Jason5

    Jason5 Enthusiast

    I won't call my self a webmaster, but a noob who easily give in. Two days back i closed my n'th project. And i don't have any project in my hand now. I think it is high time i move on from running websites.

    What can i do next? Join few forums and help them grow..or learn something new or try working on a new project (ROFL)
  2. Maddox

    Maddox Moderator

    It is difficult to remain positive when all your good work is not being appreciated - I've travelled the same route as your good self; start something you believe will be of use to others and no one responds, so you end up trashing it and look for something else.

    You need to find something that is close to your heart that inspires you and that you will not give up on because it's something that will stay with you for the rest of your life - it's not easy to find at first, but the first place to look is within yourself. It's taken me decades to find something I'm so passionate about that even if no one else comes along, I know that I will have created something that comes from within myself.

    I've got two projects that are close to my heart, one is almost complete the other is yet to be started, but come hell or high water I'll not give up on them, because they mean a lot to me personally, and hopefully other people will find some help from my efforts. That is what's important - finding something you want so badly that you can taste it and are fired up about it. If you can find that from within yourself, then you will have found something worthwhile pursuing.

    Do it for yourself first and if others come along afterwards and find it useful then you will have done something for yourself and for others who have the same or similar fire inside of them as you.

    Don't give up - once this is in your blood it's not something you can detox from lol.

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  3. Jason5

    Jason5 Enthusiast

    MaddoxMaddox Thanks for taking time and making an excellent point here. If something is really close to it, no matter what we will surely succeed. And i learnt a good lesson today :)
  4. Apple

    Apple Enthusiast

    It's a good point. I noticed from being around sites like this, there are a lot of admins that want to have a go at making a forum, but the reason it doesn't work is that they are going about it the wrong way. If, as MaddoxMaddox said, you find something you are passionate about, it's the key. In order to create a successful site, you kind of need to be the expert on the subject so that you can REALLY engage with your users. You don't have the luxury of relying on other staff to help you answer questions. People need to have respect for the admin, otherwise you're just some guy with an empty forum.If you know what you're talking about, they'll respect you. It's also helpful if you have found other people who are passionate about the same thing as you are that can help you build your empire by creating topics and participating in discussions.

    As the admin, you have to do all of the initial heavy lifting, unless you have a co-conspiritor that's prepared to work along side you. You can't expect mods to do it. They won't. I've seen this too... admins complaining that their moderators didn't help them advertise their 20 member forum. Why even bother with moderators at that stage? You can do it all yourself until it grows because you're very rarely going to come across issues. If there is someone who contributes a lot to your site over several months and is extremely active and helpful, offer them a mod position. You might not need the help, but it's a good way to make a great user feel appreciated, and they'll stick around long term. ;)
  5. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo TAZ Administrator

    To make a forum work, you need dedication and patience ---
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  6. Karll

    Karll Adherent

    And luck, good timing, maybe thick skin and diplomacy skills ...
  7. Jason5

    Jason5 Enthusiast

    Thanks for the inputs and suggestions. Thought of learning CSS, that is the worst decision and regretted within few hours.. so many codes to know and understand xD
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