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    Anyone have any idea where to find the css for the area pictured in the screen shot? The drop down of the editor is the only thing that I still need to change and I've tried changing the core css for the editor to no avail.

    Things I've tried already include:

    1. Changing the css in the ckeditor core files (editor.css, etc.) The files found in this path: clientscript/ckeditor/skins/kama/

    2. I've tried adding various things in my additional.css within the template and using !important.

    I cannot seem to find the right combo to change this to how I want it.

    Here is what I have in my additional.css file that pertains to the editor:

    span.cke_skin_kama {
          border:1px solid #5a022b !important;
    /* Background Color for CKEditor */
    .cke_skin_kama .cke_wrapper {
    background:{vb:stylevar postbithead_background} !important;
    border:1px solid #5a022b;
    /* Background Color for CKEditor Buttons (Note, this may be too dark for some styles. If so you can delete this one.) */
    .cke_skin_kama .cke_editor .cke_rcombo a,
    .cke_skin_kama .cke_toolgroup {
    background: #f70777 !important;
    /* Background Color for CKEditor Hover Link*/
    .cke_skin_kama a:hover {
    background: #eee !important;
    That code works fine in the skin, but its just that drop down that I'm having serious issues with.

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