Building phpbb style from ground up

Discussion in 'Community Styling' started by Frans, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Having a phpbb board with a style that is in use since, well, 2003 (although changed a bit over the years) it is time to start thinking about a new one and i am struggling with it for weeks now, been starting over and over again, bought the "Milk v2" theme to use as a base but i found myself ripping out 55% of their flightdeck and putting in 75% of new options...

    So, i am wrapping my head around this... what should a new phpBB theme be based on if one could choose and start over from scratch, bootstrap 3, or start basing it on 4, are there other good (or better) frameworks? jQuery should definitely be in it and some plugins (tooltipster?) based on it but what else? Let's ajaxify everything.... or not?

    Any good tips would be very appreciated!