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Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by smirkley, Jun 11, 2007.

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    As we near our third year, and as many admins here I am sure have to deal with or accept sooner or later, linked images become broken.

    Either in posts, avatars (remote linked), and sig images, but eventually images become broken as the source no longer hosts them.

    On our site, we dont allow for uploading of images or avatars (atm), and members can and do commonly link to external sources for images for their posts and profiles.

    I am wondering if broken image links present SEO concerns. (probably no more than broken links, but broken images make the site look ugly imo).

    Problem is with thousands of links and over a thousand members, manually fixing these is a pain in the ying-yang.

    I provided a fix that upon page or profile generation, the code senses if the image dimensions and if no dimensions then a 'replacement 'broken-image' image is substituted. (at the same time this batch of code will resize oversized images in posts and provide a popup link for the full sized image source, as well as resizes avatar images if someone hooks up a giant image that exceeds our avatar maximum. (when a member changes their avatar url, the code checks for maximum sizes, but if the hosted image is changed to a bigger one with the same filename and location, then the code didnt prior, check for proper sizing limitations.))

    Aside from asthetics on old posts, are there SEO concerns for broken image links? broken url's in posts?
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    Necropost! I'm 16 years into my forum and now I'm realizing I literally have tens of thousands of broken images and many end up then breaking a post and even a thread. How are people managing this?

    I am currently converting image links to attachments, but of course that is a double edged sword as my disk use and bandwidth are now going through the roof.
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