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    I learned CSS from the internet. It isn't too complicated, and there wasn't much for me to learned anyway. CSS is just for styling. If you are not a professional coder, there is no need for a book. You will forget most whats you have learned anyway. But, the next time you need it, it's easy (just a matter of reviewing). You did better studying other languages like PHP, ASP, Javascript, etc.
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    For online learning CSS I suggest you to visit the w3schools website it has well explained method to learn CSS, HTML, JAVA. Even it has books to download you can download them and learn these languages.
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    CSS for Babies, CSS Secrets and Cascading Style Sheets are the good books to learn CSS. You can take help of YouTube videos that will more helpful to you for better understanding of CSS concepts.
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    If you follow CSS Tricks website you'd learn a lot of interesting things with it. Along with that you can also find the interesting tutorials by sarash drasner on CSS.
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    I don’t think that it is worth learning HTML and CSS from any book as it will only give you a little bit of exposure to the different aspects of HTML and CSS, but you cannot work completely on any project or website if you refer to your books.

    The best option is to go online. There are many many thousands of free and paid courses available on the internet which will help you master each and every concept of HTML and CSS. The main point is that you cannot gain any knowledge for a long time unless you are used to practicing those concepts.
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    I've always just looked at source code, or used the 'inspect' function to copy css from other sites to reverse engineer, so to speak. It's fun!
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