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Discussion in 'Hosting Discussions' started by theglobe, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. theglobe

    theglobe Participant

    I've been out of the admin game for a while. I'm looking for a host for my blog, possibly a forum, which I aim to get off the ground in the next couple of weeks.

    I'm planning to up the circulation of my weekly column to more newspapers and want to direct those readers to a blog. I'm planning on using Wordpress and expect to spend the next year building my readership. I'm hoping that I can add a forum, but that is a second-tier priority. I've considered Siteground, but I heard they may be rather limited in some aspects.

    What I need is essentially a cheap host that is reliable.

  2. ozzy47

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  3. Host4Geeks

    Host4Geeks Participant

    How cheap is cheap for you? Cheap and reliable usually do not go hand in hand. Also what are your requirements in terms of space and bandwidth?
  4. bucket

    bucket badge consultant

  5. theglobe

    theglobe Participant

    I've read some reviews and seems to fare well.
  6. theglobe

    theglobe Participant

    I'm just beginning so I'm looking for the lower end. I'm building bottom up and have no idea if I will grow or not.
  7. Drastic

    Drastic Habitué

    HawkHost is good, cheap, and reliable.
  8. Enthusiast

    A Standard Shared Linux hosting is all you need mate, nothing too difficult to figure out even if you've been out of the " Game " for awhile :) Good luck.
  9. Shinjiru

    Shinjiru Aspirant

    I would recommend Shinjiru ;):tup:
  10. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated ass-hat

    I just moved from a cheap NameCheap shared hosting account (after dumping my dedicated server) to a VPS with RamNode. If you are 1/2 way comfortable with setting up CentOS, simply grab eva2000eva2000's CentMin Mod and install it on top of CentOS and you have a nice solution. Then you can get a free Zoho email account and use it for your site email (limited to 5GB email). Simply choose the Business option. One limitation they have is if you have multiple domains (I do) they all go into one users email box and then you have to use filters to control them. For a singular domain it's an ideal solution as long as you trim your email. If you send a LOT of email then you may have an issue.
    I've still got to investigate how to set up to relay email from the server to the Zoho stuff, but it should be as simple as it was using the Gmail business accounts.

    Instructions (fairly easy to follow) can be found at
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