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Discussion in 'XenForo' started by fixer, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. fixer

    fixer I'm In My Prime

    djbaxter i hope im not someone that makes you not want to be here , i dont want to be “that guy”
  2. fixer

    fixer I'm In My Prime

    is it quiet in here?
  3. Bionic Rooster

    Bionic Rooster Adherent

    Mike Creuzer -
    Alfa1 suggestion is more than reasonable and would probably give others who were negatively affected a heads up on which products need scrutiny before installing or buying. At the very least it would help your business to instill confidence in your products with current and future customers.
  4. Banxix

    Banxix Enthusiast

    As a senior developer, I have found quite a lot of critical bugs and vulnerabilities in some paid addons. Bugs always exist but I cannot feel pleased with XF addons devs.

    One of them load the entire threads table data and process in PHP which lead to huge memory load. Very bad practice here.
    Second one has mysql injection. I hadn't realized until a script kiddie attacked the endpoint yesterday.
    The third adds 4 useless queries in every page load.
    25$ each, low quality.

    There are more but I even forget the detail. I have reported to the authors and hope they will be getting it fixed soon.
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  5. Seems Legit

    Seems Legit Neophyte

    Thank you for this information, I know now never to buy an add-on from that company. That guy is useless, and a coward when it came to replies on his previous failed endeavour when he took his ball and went home ages back. Why the hell would I trust that guy again?
  6. twdzone

    twdzone Neophyte

    I am relatively inexperienced and was tasked with running the technical/administrative side of our fan site about two years ago. During that time, we moved the forum from a "free" forum(which was a nightmare on so many levels) over to Xenforo, and then recently upgraded to XF2.

    I hired a consultant from the Xenforo board to help us set all up in Xenforo, as I was incapable of doing it myself. I found them on the Xenforo board additional resources and was very happy with them.

    One of the first things I did was took a look at all of the different styles for us. I saw some of the themehouse styles and was convinced that was it. I told my consultant. He told me it was a big mistake. They were "buggy" products and service was never consistent. He highly recommended I go with Pixel Exit. I liked their designs, but they were more simple, not as "glitzy" so I resisted at first until he told me when issues come up I am on my own. Well that resonated with me and we went with Pixel Exit(our free forum had many issues, and getting resolutions was beyond challenging to put it mildly)

    I literally cannot say enough good things about Russ and Pixel Exit. They have always been very responsive to me, and have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Most importantly, I have never had one issue due to styling. I know some of you on this site are very tech savvy, and so some of this wouldn't matter to you(the ability to hand hold), but I do have to share if you come up with a list of best developers, Pixel Exit would be on the top of my list.

    There are developers we have used addons for and been happy with(Siropu is on that list as others have said). Some are very responsive, some not so much if there is an issue. I was very lucky in that I did an insane amount of research(reading all the discussion boards and everything on the web) before buying addons. I really had no issues of anything stepping on anything, and the board ran smoothly for the first year. Until I listened to my fellow mods and we decided to get an addon for some great functionality but I had read there would be a lot of issues. I know everyone wants to know the name, and I hope you can appreciate I cannot mention it as I am still a user of this addon and the last thing I'd ever want to do is make this developer angry with me.

    So...we installed the addon----which was not easy and required more back and forth then any other...and then the fun began. It stepped on a few other addons we had to turn off and took weeks to get fully functional. Developer wasn't very responsive, there were some bugs, etc,,. Now that it is up and is great, but only after a lot of aggravation and the loss of some of other addons to get there. Ultimately do I think it was worth it? Not sure, time will tell. But I think about this experience and what I was told and read about Theme House, and it makes me all the more happy I chose Pixel Exit.

    So my advice...for more of a neophyte like myself....research, research and get to know as much as you can. There will always be some one who is unhappy with a developer, but if you see a lot of reviews and a lot of discussion you can get a pretty good feel for what the issues are and how they have been handled. I think Xenforo is a great product, it's not perfect, but nothing is. But it's a world better then what we had before.

    One thing I want to the risk of having my head chopped off....we have used Andy B's addons. He is way up there with Pixel Exit in terms of being responsive and wanting to help and we haven't had any issues with them. We are not a large board, and I am not technical enough to know what good code is, but I can tell you we haven't had error messages from his code and I have found Andy willing to go above and beyond to help even on things having nothing to do with him. The man genuinely cares and he has demonstrated that time and again.

    Just my two cents.
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  7. R0binHood

    R0binHood Habitué

    You shouldn't have to worry about a developer getting angry if you're speak your mind and giving an honest opinion of your experience with them/the add on.

    Maybe the developer needs to hear the feedback. Maybe your advice and experience could help other admins make a more informed decision for their board.

    As long as you're not laying into them for no reason and it's legitimate concern or feedback, I say spill the beans. If they're not happy then maybe it'll be some incentive to fix the issue or improve.
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  8. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Administrator

    I hired a company to have the quality of a social groups addon audited and it turned out there were significant issues with the code. Some of the issues that were discovered do conflict with the XenForo resource standards. On I posted about the issues objectively and respectfully while also mentioning positive points.

    The result was an angry developer who wanted to know the name of the person that did the audit. Right after that my account was discouraged on his site, blocking access from my paid license. it took me some time to figure out and be certain enough to ask the developer about it.
    When I politely asked the developer about it a year later, he said he discouraged my account "by accident". lol And no refund nor access to the latest version. So that was $49 down the drain.

    Point in case: there can be fallout if you address such code issues if the developer has a volatile character.

    At the same time I still believe its much better to openly discuss code quality issues. IMHO all software will have some bugs and what matters is how a developer handles reports and how structural the problems are.
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  9. R0binHood

    R0binHood Habitué

    So Snog (or Nobita?) discouraged you on their site because you had his code audited and they weren’t happy about the results?? :rolleyes:

    All the more reason to discuss these kind of issues out in the open if they’re then revoking licences that you’ve paid for.
  10. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Administrator

    To be clear: Nobita would never do that.
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  11. fixer

    fixer I'm In My Prime

    really?, after confirming a major issue, Nobita told me blantly once that he refused to fix it,

    “are you going to look at this problem?”


    then months later the fix was burried in an updates patch notes with no further message to me that he was working on the issue.

    writing was on the wall when ips has first party groups i was gone never even tried to import the old clubs was so happy to bail off of ****ty third party apps
  12. siONtI

    siONtI Neophyte

    Can you pm the company url? (can't start a conversation yet)
  13. Snog

    Snog Enthusiast

    Since you've brought this into the public eye...

    I never became angry at any point, I simply asked what the issues were and how you were establishing what a "Senior Developer" was. I never asked who they were at any point in our private conversation.

    The add-on not meeting resource standards is completely made up in your mind. Many of the resource standards that were published long after the add-on was created apply only to XF 2 since many of them literally can't be applied to XF 1.

    As for the discouraged account, you can assume anything you like. But, I told you the truth that it evidently happened while doing a demo for a custom add-on. You were not the only one that got discouraged and I had to remove that from about 20 members of my site.

    So far as your license for the add-on goes, you purchased a license for the XF 1.x version of the add-on. That license never extended to the XF 2 version. It was always a separate add-on. I did offer a discount on the XF 2 version for a period of time and you chose not to take advantage of that discount. So, your current XF 1.x license is still valid and you are able to download it.

    What it boils down to is, you approached me by PC on the Xenforo site nearly year after the discussion looking for a refund of your purchase. If you were having problems accessing my site, you could have contacted me earlier, not a year later. So, that isn't going to happen.

    The entire discussion consisted of 3 posts on 11/18/2017. I did not hear from you again until a year later.

    Add-on purchased: 2/28/2017
    Add-on last downloaded: 4/14/2017
    Discussion started: 11/18/2017
    Refund request: 11/25/2018

    If you like, I will gladly post a PDF of our entire conversation at XenForo and let people make their own decision on what happened. But I won't do that without your permission because it was a private conversation.
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  14. vij

    vij Enthusiast

    Whenever Alfa1 posts, I read intently - I don't know him personally, but I know he knows plenty about forum management. Some may not be aware, he runs a forum which until last August was receiving 4 million visitors per month and really runs a truly brilliant forum that has more information on its subject than any other website. His forum will stress most addons and only the well coded ones will survive that kind of scrutiny.
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  15. sbjsbj

    sbjsbj Adherent

    I once was 2nd ranked moderator for a forum (1 below admins) for years among hundreds of mods, which had 3 million registered users by my time (now it has 5 million registered users) and it was Alexa worldwide ranking in top 150. Obviously 10 years ago and more. I don't have the experience in the backside of things like he does, as he does it as his business to earn money, but he is not the only one with experience here. Yes, he has a lot of good points, mostly which would benefit his own forum and I agree with him in many things. Nevertheless, his subtle jabs here and there can be read anytime he posts something.
    In addition to that, as he has a fairly big forum, he can allow himself to be "loud", as he can back it up what he says with his forum size. But he can be more polite doing that I guess.
  16. Dnyan

    Dnyan Neophyte

    Themehouse is good but doe not update addons quickr for bugs.
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