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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Elyrose, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Elyrose

    Elyrose Aspirant

    Hope I'm asking this in the correct forum.

    Just wondered what banning procedures you all followed i.e. do you have a certain amount of warnings and then a permanent ban or do you have a temporary ban in between? We are looking at possibly changing our system and am interested to know what format other boards use.


  2. Kingmush

    Kingmush Participant

    I really don't have to ban that often, actually I've only done temporary bans about five times in all. But I give a verbal warning (in PM) and then I might ban them for a day depending on the severity. They usually don't do bad any after that.
  3. Noles

    Noles paypal+

    It all depends on the severity, and who it is (for me, at least). More times than not, bans will have to be given out, rather than warnings/infractions.
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  4. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    Point system.
    Some infractions more grave than others (some infractions expiring fast, others being longer in life).
    10 points reached -> auto tempban for 2 weeks (my personal preference goes to temporarilly send to a restricted group with limited accesses and under watch, rather than bans).
    After 6 months, the points reset to zero.
    Infractions expire after 6 months max. Members can appreciate "getting parole" ;p (these dont need to be made horridly long, or never-expiring).

    My personal preference goes to handling every case differently (moderation = mediation), and not based on similar such artificial rules. Bans cant be the best solution with anyone except irreductible trolls.
  5. Daniel0

    Daniel0 Adherent

    We have our moderators use a warning system that will automatically apply various restrictions to users depending on the warn level. Occasionally they may request some people permanently banned. Examples of such would be blatant spamming. That will instantly result in a permanent ban on their username, email and IP address.
  6. Docpixel

    Docpixel Habitué

    I believe that "if you want to predict the future, look at the past." For the most part, people tend to continue behaving as they already have.

    So if someone demonstrates disrespect for other members or my policies, I might PM them one time with a warning. But if they blow it again, they're gone. I don't like to spend time figuring out points, infractions, all that stuff, so bottom line, I expect them to follow the policies or go away.

    Here's what works really well for me. When someone publicly violates a policy or does something rude, I call them on it, right there in the forum where it happened. I'm diplomatic, but firm and clear. At that point, they usually decide that I'm too cranky, and leave. That leaves them a way to save face without being banned and wanting revenge. And if it was an accident, they apologize and all is well.

    Out of 560 members, I've only had to ban one member for behavior problems. And I have a great group, we like each other and the atmosphere is warm, friendly, helpful and growing.
  7. LadyGahan

    LadyGahan Aspirant

    I just banned someone permanently last weekend. First permanent ban. I did as the previous poster... A warning, a PM, after another offense I asked her to leave right where she was very rude towards the staff and she didn't budge. Result, a ban. Permanent.
  8. SilentBuddhist

    SilentBuddhist Neophyte

    The only reason I'd ban someone outright is if they're a bot or an obvious troll that isn't going to make any contributions to the board whatsoever. For most new users (by new I mean they've only been around for a few days to a month) I tend to hand out a 0-point warning calmly reminding them to read and follow the rules, and point out what they did wrong. If they continue anyway I start giving out 1 point, maybe 2 point infractions (out of the infraction system where if you hit 10 points, you'll be banned for a few days), and just climb the latter from there and being firmer in tone (at least I try to sound firm) whenever they break the rules until they get the hint.

    For users that still aren't getting that they need to change their behavior if they want to stay on the board (which infractions wise, would be about 10-20 infractions, about 3-4 pages worth in their profile), we've handed out 5-10 point infractions, or just banning them from the Mod CP for a few days. Banning with the majority of users is saved as a last resort, and only if they've been warned so many times we're not willing to warn them any further.
  9. MisterPersonality

    MisterPersonality Shut up and run!

    I don't have a procedure.

    I follow my vibes and ban when a ban is useful.
  10. Rockatteer

    Rockatteer Devotee

    yeah I'm much the same as Tomster. I don't have any real set procedures, other than banning is always the very last resort.
  11. Chrono1219

    Chrono1219 Aspirant

    Normally I work with a three strike policy with some variation. Some rules can be over looked if a member does it only once in a while. It's when people don't change their oversized signatures, or start flaming, or things like that when things push the envelope.

    I've been on a lot of forums with a lot of different problems. Always something new to ban someone over.
  12. Elyrose

    Elyrose Aspirant

    Thanks for all your replies, they have been really helpful :)
  13. MontyFromSingleMinds

    MontyFromSingleMinds Enthusiast

    I try and resolve things in a very logical manner, and have only had to ban one member on the spot ( who was making threats towards a couple of female posters in our Ajax chat area), and I only did that after stepping in and telling him to stop - and asking him to apologize.

    He didn't, and so...... bye bye. :tiphat:

    I also instituted another forum group, one with moderator approval on posts, for those people who were warned about the way they were posting ad hominum attacks on others. That was done during the election run up, as things were really getting out of hand.

    Out of all of our members, that was only ever issued to two people.

    That allowed me to oversee their posts, and exert control over the forum. That also saved me a lot of time that would have been spent on disciplinary actions. :coffee:

    Most times, with most people, a simple PM will let them know they are on the wrong track.

    As for warnings, they now stay on the official record for one year.

    So far, this seems to be working well for all involved.
  14. brownsugar

    brownsugar Aspirant

    I don't have a policy for warning and banning. The only people that I have banned so far have been people attempting to register who didn't truly want to be members of my forum, but were only harassing us and spying on us. They were banned by IP address (when possible), username and email addresses. Thankfully this behavior has ended.

    Right now my forum is still small, I am not sure if I will develop a specific policy or just deal with thing on a as needed basis once we grow. It may be both, warn/ban as needed and develop a policy as I go for the sake of consistency. I would hate to issue a penalty of some sort to a member for some sort of infraction only to have somebody else do the same thing and I issue a different penalty. If that makes any sense.
  15. Mega_X

    Mega_X Neophyte

    I follow a procedure that I find works well for my style (I am very patient, although I will take immediate action if it is called for).

    1: For Every Offense, a Strike.
    (If it is a First Time Offense, a Warning.)

    2: For Every Three Strikes, a [#] Month(s)/Day(s)/Week(s) Ban. The Amount of Time is Determined at Time of Penalty.

    The Warnings/Strikes will reset themselves after [#] Month(s) of Good Behaviour. The Amount of Time is Infinite Until We Deem the Member Well Behaved.
  16. EliteFun

    EliteFun Neophyte

    I do 4 warnings and you're banned rule.
    Ban length depending on the severity..

    Mostly issues get rectified without warnings/bans.. So its rare and must be a severe reason for a warning/ban to be issued..

    On my forum the warning and banning tool hasn't been used yet..
  17. MPerryman

    MPerryman Enthusiast

    I really try not to ban at all unless it's a blatant spammer, a troll that isn't original or funny, or a some sort of potential legal matter.

    In those cases it's usually cut and dry as to who goes; there's no real need for intermediary steps of temp-bans or even warnings. Though I do like having the option, because you never know.
  18. Oghma

    Oghma Fan

    To get a short ban from a single forum and not the entire site is easily a possibility for us, so it's not a surprise for someone to be removed from a forum for three days or fifteen days and still have access to the rest of the site. Usually when they exhibit the same behaviour after numerable warning and bans, we move up into actual sitewide bans, usually for a short period. We can also limit the amount of posts per day in single forums and sitewide for problematic members.

    Some offenses are instant perms. Advertising and posting porn in children's forums, for example, will result in an immediate ban as soon as a super catches wind. :)
  19. ClarkMan

    ClarkMan Neophyte

    It depends on the severity of the situation. I usually ignore first time offenders; I will just Welcome them to the forum and explain to them the rules, without letting them know I acknowledged them branching a rule. After a member is no longer new to the forum, I feel a warning should be issued after you have acknowledged they understand the rules and their purpose. When failing to obey the rules on several occasions, it is up to the admin/moderator in charge to use their better judgment on using a ban or an alternative action against the member.
  20. fattony69

    fattony69 Cool Guy on Taz

    I do it like baseball. 3 Strikes, 3 outs. Though there are situations where they get tossed.
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