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Discussion in 'Graphic Requests' started by engineer1964, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. engineer1964

    engineer1964 hoc foro magna est

    Type of Graphic: Logo or Banner
    Link to Forum (if necessary): N/a at the moment
    Forum Software (if applicable): SMF
    Colours: Red, black, silver, white
    Text Preference (if applicable): Bikes and Booze
    Size: 500px x 250px approx
    Timeframe: Anytime now
    Payment/Offer in return n/a

    Hi everyone

    Just recieved a challenge and need a bit of help with designing a logo/banner for a new Biker Forum called "Bikes and Booze"

    Not the most adapt name for a new forum but hey, thats the challenge

    I would like the design to be in the themes of Motorbikes, it can be a logo, a badge, or banner, but basically its for a forum for a load of bikers who do like a drink also :shifty:

    Can anyone come up with a suitable design??
  2. cheesysalsa

    cheesysalsa Aspirant

    I could do this for you with unlimited revisions and at a really low rate, send me an email at if you're interested.