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    I'm looking at various ways to attract new members. In the beginning I was scouring the Internet and sending people E-Mail invites in addition to talking about KT as much as I can. I also created business cards and flyers so that current members could help promote and many have tried even though I don't think the business cards and flyers have really attracted anyone. As far as word of mouth goes, there've been at least 2 cases where word of mouth has worked and drawn in new memebrs.

    Recently, I decided to start advertising in the new Keeshonden magazine and will have a business card insert in each bi-monthly issue this year. The first issue is due out in mid-february and am not sure what to expect as a result of the advertising, but do know there's a little over 1,200 subscribers so am hoping we draw in quite a few new members as a result of the business card inserts.

    I run a Keeshond Dogster Group Called Kees “R” We and have a fair amount of memebrs there. I was thinking of offering each memebr the opportunity to be offered in a drawing for a $50 Petsmart or PetCo gift card or a colalr of choice from [URL="]3 Dirty Dawgz[/URL] if they join KT and become active, but am not sure if it's a good idea or not.

    I have also been thinking of trying to create some kind of affiliation. I've thought about approaching Roseanne, editor of the new Keeshonden magazine, and asking her to offer a subscription reduction of $5 or $10 for all new KT memebrs. And then there's Dina with Keeshond Rescue of the Central States (KRCS), I've been encouraged to send her business cards and see if she would attach tem to all completed adoption applications so new adoptors would be aware we existed and had a place to go if the needed help udnerstanding the breed - especially if they were first-time Keeshond owners. What does everyone else think of affiliations?
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