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Discussion in 'Forum Software Development' started by JohnFound, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. rafalp

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    Imagine that on forum homepage you need to display three things: threads, moderators online, and latest announcements.

    You could run three database queries asynchronously from each other so they happen at same time, and return response only when all return results. This lets you return response faster because you've didnt run those synchronously, one after another.
  2. JohnFound

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    Yes in this meaning, AsmBB works asynchronously. It can process multiple requests simultaneously. There is only one bottleneck - SQLite can make only one write at a time. So, if there are two request that need to write to the DB, they will to be executed one after another. But the reads are not blocked, so the requests that need to read from the DB will continue to be processed.
  3. JohnFound

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    AsmBB v2.6 has been officially released.

    The most important changes are: Atom/RSS feeds, rewritten from scratch service for server sent events (SSE) and implemented a top of it real-time notifications for the user activities. Of course, the usual speed/load improvements (mainly for the SSE) and bug fixes.
  4. Oedipus

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    Please add some button to Home. :oops:
  5. JohnFound

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    The problem is that there is no clear "home" definition in AsmBB?

    I mean, you can always press "All tags" button in the tag list (the only graphical button with 3 tags on it) and will see a list of all threads in the forum. On the other hand, pressing "Categories" button, navigates to the page with forum categories that is also some kind of "home", although not on the "/" path. Pressing the "Public" and "Limited" buttons you will navigate to the "Home" for the public, respectively limited access (private) threads.

    Personally I am often using the "All tags" button in order to navigate to the all threads list, but never though about it as a "Home" button.
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