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Discussion in 'Community Organization' started by BioWarfare, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. BioWarfare

    BioWarfare The uphill battle

    I was playing Titanfall 2 earlier and it hit me, I should look up Titanfall forums and see if there are any that interest me. I found a couple on Google, one that is run by Respawn and the other a fan-made forum. The first thing I noticed, besides how professional it looked, was that it had a lot of posts. I haven't looked into the community yet, but excluding EVERYTHING ELSE, the forum organization is rather vague and general for a gaming forum.

    Then I look at how I have my forums laid out and notice that mine are much more specific, which is obviously bad as evident by the lack of activity I got when I was actively working on it. I feel like I am wasting a ton of potential with my forum and ( since this Titanfall forum is doing very successful as a much less populated game. I look at my forum and obviously the forum layout isn't guest friendly, it may be too precise. I am just curious about your thoughts on this and if you have any suggestions for me or your opinion on this topic. Thank you and I appreciate any replies!
  2. BioWarfare

    BioWarfare The uphill battle

    Yesterday I expanded the forums. Thoughts?

    Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 6.15.37 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.48.41 PM.png

    I still want to adjust them, but this is the general direction I'm heading in.
  3. Tracy Perry

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    You will find that COD has been around a LOT longer than TitanFail (I hated the first version and still am hesitant about buying the second).
    Because COD has been out longer, there are more sites related to it. I used to be a big COD fan, but the run & gun issues with the online play (not to mention the piss-poor small maps and campers) really ruined it for me and I haven't purchased a copy of that line since Black Ops 2. I'm more a BF fiend. Good size maps with different type battles for online play.
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