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Discussion in 'Ask Me Anything' started by Oedipus, Oct 17, 2019.

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    Very good idea from palhanow. If you have any question about the Balkans, feel free to ask me. :)
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    I've been to the Balkans, and I've seen the bullet holes ... On the other hand, whenever it's time to vote in the Eurovision song contest, somehow the Balkan nations appear able to suddenly overcome their differences and have very friendly relations again! (And the UK gets last place every year, of course ...!)

    What do young people in the Balkans think about the Balkan conflicts and future political direction - will they manage to have peaceful relations with their neighbours? Will the Balkan nations all try to join the EU, NATO and so on, or will they go a different, maybe more perilous route?
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    Thank you for the question.

    I personally don't watch Eurovision anymore. It's because songs and performances became very stupid. That will confirm almost whole young population (at least in the Balkans). Years ago Eurovision was normal and the reason for a familly to sit together, watch it and enjoy it.
    Votes between Serbia, Russia, Croatia, Bosnia, (North) Macedonia and Montenegro are common.

    It's very complicated. In my country we have a president (former PM) that rules for almost 30 years. It's due to fake votes and elder people. Even dead people are found on polling list. As long as the current political party is rulling, we won't be having a bright future.

    Younger people (18-30 maybe) years have a nice opinion on our neighbours. We do not hate people that are Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, (North) Macedonian, Slovenian. There is always people who do hate because of the past wars and their actions (actions of the leaders at that time).

    Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia are a NATO members (unfortunately). I do not approve that.
    Most of Montenegrin people don't want NATO. That's because of the USA intervention in 1999 and NATO actions in other countries are not so saint. That's the time when Yugoslavia existed. Croatia and Slovenia are part of EU too and life is not that better there either. So regarding EU membership - it's not great option too. I don't think Serbia nor Montenegro will even join the EU.

    Since Montenegro (read DPS, the current political party) joined NATO, we said no to Russia. We betrayed them. Trouought the history we were strong friends and allies. I personally like Russia too.

    Serbia is still somehow an ally and a friend with Russia. They had a long history with Russia too.

    Living in the Balkans is very hard. Most of the people work for 200-350 euros a month. And when you don't have enough money, other problems occur. Living near the coast is somehow better but not very good. Corruption is everywhere. Most of the young people left the country to seek a better life. Even I want (have) to leave.

    Living is Slovenia is slightly better.
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    I lived in Eastern Europe for several years (Moldova) and visited many countries (all the way from Romania to Russia to Hungary to Slovakia!) and speak a bit of Russian. I've never been to Montenegro, though I did sell a Facebook group to a guy from there. :)

    I do have one question: why do you think there is an outsized emphasis on digital prowess in the younger generation from the Balkans/EE? I've met so many folks <35 years old who are really outstanding at programming, marketing, etc. More so than probably any other area of the world.
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