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Discussion in 'WoltLab Burning Board' started by bogie, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. bogie

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    Having noticed how images were handled in gallery i tried articles.
    This surely cant be right? Keep in mind the image is only 405 x 218px

    So you goto add article and choose a pic, you get this once you have chosen.
    article 1.PNG
    Looks fine, so you select it (by the way the edit function seems to do little). once you select the image you get this screen

    Notice how its suddenly chopped the front nose off.

    So then you publish it and it looks like this in the dashboard.

    No where are you given a choice of what part to select to be shown in any of the screens. As above its now cut both the back and front off.

    It wouldnt matter so much but when you then goto the article it looks like this.


    There is no consistency and no way to know how the image will look when published, worse still you cant alter anything to get it to display properly. Is this system of image handling going to be in the final version?
    I need to know as we are evaluating for 7 sites, this would be something that stops us from proceeding further with testing woltlab for our sites.

    To me this is a serious fault in how images are handled. It would take alot of trial and error cropping images outside of woltlab and getting the final one right. It isnt even like these are large images. Even if we were able to get the final image correct, the thumbnail version would not be correct.
  2. bogie

    bogie Participant

    Apparently this is considered ok, to me it ruins the whole point of articles and graphic rich content. No plans to change this until the next major release, and then no guarantee it will work ok. Its a real shame as i liked so much about the software, but this kind of problem kills a website IMHO.

    So back to the drawing board and see what other software is out there.

    The one small hope i have left, i am paying someone to take a look and see if they can find a solution to this for me. I dont get why you guys are rushing this so much. Its started really well, but its starting to look like the final product will lack polish. I do understand that in some countries the function come before the look, but this is maybe one reason Woltlab isnt more widely used.

    Good software isnt just about whats under the bonnet, in the world of the web looks are king.
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