Are there any third party addon sites for WBB?

Discussion in 'WoltLab Burning Board' started by Moonclamp, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Moonclamp

    Moonclamp MudShark


    I've been playing with a demo of WBB and liking it thus far, but want to know if there are any third party addon sites (English Language) rather than just the official site?

    Any recommendations?
  2. GTB

    GTB Tazmanian

    There are some, don't have the links now. Not many though, only a few. Most sell their mods and themes through WoltLab itself because it's easier to get sales I believe?

    Remembered about this one:

    They sell some mods also I think.
  3. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated asshat

    If you are talking a site that sells add-ons from multiple developers, then no, not that I'm aware of. There are several sites that sell their OWN add-ons but not others.
  4. Moonclamp

    Moonclamp MudShark

    I guess I mean something like phpbbhacks or, but for wbb instead.
  5. dtdesign

    dtdesign Developer

    The Plugin-Store is pretty much the same, except that all plugins offered have been manually tested by us - both paid and free. On top of that, purchase are made entirely through us (similar to the App-Store or Play-Store), including the ability to download the purchased products.

    There used to be a large community similar to, which was later integrated into our site and is now known as Plugin-Store.
  6. LordnMaster

    LordnMaster Aspirant

    I love the fact that everything is tested and reviewed before it is released to the public.
  7. Horizon

    Horizon Participant

    The only thing I have found is that sometimes the latest updates to plugins aren't available on WoltLab's site, whether that's a issue with WoltLab or the plugin developer, I don't know.
  8. Horizon

    Horizon Participant

    Here's a couple of the main sites that do plugins for Woltlab which are all available via WoltLab's own site too: - sells the popular UZ Community Bot. I am just about to set this up on my forum, but as with all things related to WoltLab, there is no manual.:( - On WoltLab's own site, the developer is called Cyperghost and he makes lots of small useful plugins. - sells the popular paypal donation plugin. Known on his own site and WoltLab's as Christopher Walz. - this developer is called Black Rider on WoltLab's forum and provides lots of useful plugins including one showing your own posts, something which is lacking in WoltLab's forum software... - SoftCreatR is another one of the main plugin developers, even has a few manuals on his site. - Mysteycode does plugins and skins, or styles or themes as they're called on WoltLab. - Tim Wolla is one of the WoltLab developers who sells his own plugins too. He's the person who does all the converters from other forum software to Woltlab. Although my migration from vb5 to Woltlab using his plugin wasn't perfect, who else makes converters to get you away from vb5?? Tim may well now have a 100% perfect converter now, as I gave him a copy of my old vb5 forum to work on. - known as Josh on Woltlab's forum, this plugin developer was the one who originally created JCoins plugin(I think) which is the virtual currency for WoltLab. - Another one of the main plugin developers known as Sonnenspeer on WoltLab's forum. Does a lot of moderator related plugins.

    The list goes on. There are many developers. The software is very well supported by many free and paid for plugins and styles/themes. As far as I know all the developers are German and the ones I've spoken to speak fluent English.

    The irritating thing is, all plugins are available on WoltLab's own site and as said WoltLab check them for consistency, but if you want support for the plugins, you have to go to the developer's own site, register for an account on them and ask them directly for help. A pain in the neck. It should all be done on WoltLab's site, they sell the damn things, so why not have central support for all of them too, much like used to do?
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  9. Splinter2

    Splinter2 Aspirant

    I wholeheartedly agree Horizon.
    Whilst WoltLab Suite is highly professional and a great choice for a forum, the support, particularly manuals is lacking. They've gone to great lengths to put almost everything in English (I don't speak German, but use Google translate where necessary), which is admirable. The problem is, you download a package with a few screenshots as a guide and you have to use trial and error the rest of the way.
    I like the plugin section, but again, instructions are sadly lacking.
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