Are SEO services a waste of money?

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  1. BrandonSheley

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    I'm not offering those services so I can't answer that, or anyone else here I'm sure.
    That's a question for those selling that service. ;)

    Also if you're already sure it's a scam... why would I waste my time trying to convince you otherwise on a hypothetical company offering that service.

    I had just gone over this with someone on another site who was convinced there was no such thing as SEO.
    Feel free to read my replies there, full of links, facts and history.
    I'll quote my post here for everyone, but if it's out of context then check out the link above to see who I was replying to.
    To tie it back to the OP here. SEO, like all things in life, can be done yourself if you know what you're doing or you can pay someone to help you who does know what they're doing.
    Figuring out who knows their stuff and who doesn't is up to you. Read reviews, search the history of the company or person you may be hiring.. but again, that all seems like common sense to me so I don't really feel I should have to post it in order to get my point

    Let me know if you have any questions now :)
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  2. Enthusiast

    I still can't believe we have disbelievers
  3. PoetJC

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  4. Joeychgo

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    SEO is very real. HOWEVER...

    IMO.... Most "affordable" SEO services (by affordable I mean affordable for the average forum owner) are either not very helpful or scams/spammy.

    There are reputable companies out there, but really, for good SEO services, it will cost more then most forum owners can afford.
  5. Shawn Gossman

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    I've seen a lot of SEO services that can simply be done by the site owner. However, if you don't have time for it or patients, buy it. I can't make addons, so I buy them, it is the same concept, really. SEO is a real thing as Joey said but a lot of these companies and services are going to charge you for services or really 'advice' that is going to make very littler difference in terms of SEO but if they provide you with enough information, it will seem like a very well established report.

    If you want to venture out and try doing it yourself, so you have more control, just look at your competition, or the bigger sites online and see what they have been doing. Unique and extremely useful shareable content is going to be the main thing. The second is getting a lot of people to the content and encouraging them to not only thoroughly read it but also share it with others.

    Everything else is just small 'hacks' that might help very little but the two methods above will be the most important part.
  6. Drastic

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    SEO Pro tip - good content, lots of relevant inbound links, and make sure your onsite SEO (h1's and sh*t like that) matches your offsite SEO in terms of relevance.

    There you go.

    Lots of SEO "companies" take your cash, then pay some teenage asian to write a blog post with your links in it, on some "just made it yesterday" blog about random topics. Then they tell you "I got you 29 more inbound links today" and they'll rank you in the top 5 for some ridiculously long string of text such as "whale blubber used to make soap in singapore" - which obviously is easy to rank for when you use obscure longtail key phrases.

    simple tips like this put so-called SEO gurus out of business.

    Know your stuff first, then you can outsource the tedious mundane tasks while you focus on the real stuff.
  7. Enthusiast

    Agreed. Everything together is a fine tuned machine, think about it as a car engine, all nuts, bolts, screws, everything serves a purpose.
  8. bossArch

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    There is no such thing liker SEO, and as such people claiming to be seo-specs should be incancerated as they are criminals. The nhigher position within the company, the higher sentence (incl. life for CEO).

    No mercy.
  9. mysiteguy

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    Melodramatic to say the least.
  10. Paul M

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    No a big fan of SEO then :eek:
  11. bossArch

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    You all seem not to understand - there is no such thing like SEO. All people who says they will seo for your site/s, are simply fraudsters. SEO was made up by some crappy marketing workers. Its sole goal is to steal your money.

    That's it. Nothing more to say.
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  12. we_are_borg

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    Lets say you have no idea how SEO work or why it matters.
  13. bossArch

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    Just the opposite in fact
  14. we_are_borg

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    Btw dont use agencies that say they can get you on the first position.
  15. bossArch

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    Not using them. Btw every agent would say that regardless their ability to put you on first position
  16. we_are_borg

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    Yep they all say it and when it does not happen or the site gets a penalty they have no clue how it happend.
  17. bossArch

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    this only proves they don't know what they do.
  18. we_are_borg

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    Only a few do know most go for short term solution.
  19. bossArch

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    Will say that none of them knows, but OK
  20. joevelez

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    Years ago SEO was just technical ... No more. It has evolved.

    SEO services are worth every penny.

    They probably won't be much help if all you have is a forum.

    To take full advantage of what an SEO service has to offer you will have to be open to modify EVERYTHING and ANYTHING on the site. If you are not willing to do that than you can't maximize your ROI.

    The big issue for most sites is improving the content (pages) already available. For the most part - you can't do that on a forum.

    You see ... a forum mostly consists of user generated content. You don't fully control the content - the poster does.

    If you are like most admins you just won't edit the contents posted by your members. (Heck, the last thing you want is to push people away.)

    MY TIP TO YOU....
    If all you have is a forum site with very little "owned content" - Ignore SEO services.

    Make sure you are using a modern platform and you will be ok in terms of basic SEO.

    Yes, it's possible to improve the SEO on any forum platform. But, is it worth thousands of dollars to hire an outside firm?? No.

    Do your homework - ask questions, learn SEO... learn psychology (understanding your readers) ... learn marketing ... learn about other ways to increase traffic to site (organic search is just one form of traffic channel).
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