Are online calculators useful for ecommerce?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Mickxvg, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Mickxvg

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    Recently noticed that more and more different e-commerce sites began to use online calculators. At the same time, these are completely different businesses, from online stores to corporate sites with services. Earlier, I also saw that many people use calculators, but recently they seem to have become very popular.

    Of course, to create a calculator you need to at least be able to program. So it was before. But now I noticed that more and more different plugins for Wordpress and other systems began to appear, through which you can create and place an online calculator on the site. Moreover, various online calculator creation services began to appear, recently the builder of calculators uCalc recently found it. I went and looked at freelancing sites and various web studio sites and it turned out that they also provide calculator services.

    Are calculators really popular right now? Are they useful for e-commerce and why? What tools do you make online calculators?
  2. Lala

    Lala Participant

    I find them useful in terms of gaining/retaining traffic. Just like quizzes, puzzles, or any other interactive content. Visitors get bored of reading articles, they like to click on shiny buttons and get customized results. Plus, depending on the niche, some calculations are really beyond abilities of target audience, so it can be a useful tool for them. If you create something original, relevant to your niche, with educational value, of practical use, and a clean interface - your visitors will bookmark your calculator and keep coming back to it. So, all things equal, they'll be more likely to shop at your site than elsewhere.
  3. xzvbnm

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    Yes, online depositors are very useful and many e-commerce sites and entrepreneurs who use them testify to this. In addition, now you don’t need to know programming to create an online calculator, because there are various services that allow you to do this. For example, the same copes with this task. And for the popular Wordpress CMS there are a lot of ready-made plugins. In any case, it is very useful for receiving traffic and has a positive effect on users of the site.
  4. martin smith

    martin smith Aspirant

    Yes, Online calculators are useful for e-commerce...
  5. El8482

    El8482 Neophyte

    so how do you use that calculator? I have never seen them I believe...
  6. overcast

    overcast Participant

    I think many times the API changes break those calculators. For example paypal ones is broken in many places since the paypal made the changes. I think paypal and shopify based calculators are definitely worth using it.
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