Anyone using WooCommerce?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by TheChiro, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. TheChiro

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    My wife and I are starting up a new business. Been quite the experience getting everything ready before launch. I wanted to know if anyone here is having success with Woo and what suggestions they may have for operations, plugins, etc.

    We will be selling clothing (more specific, leggings with designs).

    Currently looking at adding these features to the site (no links to the products, just going off the top of my head):
    TaxJar - take care of all the sales tax complications for us
    Social Logins
    Facebook commenter (still deciding on this one)
    Bulk sale (which is basically like, if we get this many people to buy within x days, everyone will get x discount)
    Facebook shop integration
    Mailchimp (would really love to dive more into the email marketing part of this if anyone has any suggestions, links to articles, or anything that has helped them)
    Capture email popup (maybe to even offer discounts with to keep them on the site and hopefully create an order with us)
    EasyPost (bulk shipping label printing, shipping company api, etc)

    I think those are the main ones in terms of promoting and sales. Hoping there are some experience e-commerce people here that wouldn't mind sharing some tips for a noobie.
  2. Alex - A2Hosting

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    I don't have any direct experience of running WooCommerce in production though I can say I've seen several of our clients using WooCommerce with great success. I won't go much more in detail as I haven't had that much experience with WooCommerce specifically to state.

    This thread has some great WooCommerce recommendations:

    Though a couple options you can consider alongside are PrestaShop and OpenCart.
  3. TheChiro

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    I'm not looking for other options, more so what addons have done well for people and what people think are must haves.
  4. fixer

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    i have it running on a clients website they only have 2 items tho and i imported all categories from an old zencart store
  5. Elliot02

    Elliot02 Aspirant

    If you install "booster" it'll have most of those options. Including bulk.
  6. TheChiro

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    I don't see this anywhere. Maybe you quickly glanced and saw this:
    • Bulk Price Converter – Multiply all WooCommerce products prices by set value.
    But I've already bought multiple addons that do what I've listed above. Since this topic is pretty much dead and not many in this community do or care enough to discuss e-commerce, I won't take this discussion any further.

    Thanks for your reply! That addon does look great and I may have to revisit it later on but since I have a bunch of addons doing most of that's kind of one of those things "hey, I know how to use these and am familiar with them (and already paid for them), I don't want to screw anything up by changing".
  7. Elliot02

    Elliot02 Aspirant

    Booster is fantastic but it does install a bunch of stuff you may not need, which (for me) is probably the worst thing an addon can do :(
  8. SarbjitGrewal

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    You also need Yoast SEO plugin for internet marketing.
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