Anyone here not use social media?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by PaulKet, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Dee Johnson

    Dee Johnson Aspirant

    I cannot imagine a life without any form of social media, but then again i assume that it's because they 1.they value their privacy, and 2. they value their time spent in ancillary endeavors. I don't know how they do it because i would personally not have been able to survive!
  2. sb1962

    sb1962 Adherent

    Are forums not social media?
  3. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated ass-hat

    I don't really classify them as such by what the appears to be the common definition.
    In real life I'd put social media in the likes of a bar/pub/party.
    Forums I'd put in the likes of a interest club/group.

    Yes, they both involve social interaction - but in the former it's more frequently encompassed by the stupid/idiotic/mundane type of interactions (think those stupid cat memes) whereas the latter is usually much more finely targeted and of interest to fewer people.
  4. sb1962

    sb1962 Adherent

    How would you define groups on so called social media? That's 90% of my activity on facebook.
  5. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated ass-hat

    The groups are different than typical social media accounts... and you answered your own question when you asked it if you think about it. What is similar to what groups do and what forums do (think bringing niche groups together)... ergo my last comment. The only difference is the platform they are offered from. FaceBook Groups still suffer from some of the issues that their base platform does.
  6. Klaatu

    Klaatu Fan

    I actually miss the days when we didn't have social media. The days when you could go out with a girl and she didn't spend half the night looking at her phone.

    I only use social media for business purposes and for news (Twitter trends mostly). It's hard to have an intelligent conversation with anyone there.
  7. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman Tazmanian Master

    The biggest problem I see with forum owners and their failed use of social media is monotony. Many forum owners just auto-post forum content on social media and expect such media outlets to grow. The thing is, social media is big now and a lot of folks are on it. You have to basically build individual communities with each social media outlet you choose to use.

    And with building these communities, you need to be unique with each of them while still cross promoting your forum content.

    For example, not really forums but it can be related. I have a FB page for my youtube channel. I upload small 1-3 minute videos promoting specific types of videos or video series trailers that can be found on my youtube page. An example of such video is below. It isn't meant to spam TAZ, it is simply showing you what I put on FB in order to attempt to convert FB fans to youtube subscribers.

    So while I do promote my videos (not using auto features), I'm also creating unique content on social media pages that can only be found on those specific social media pages.

    No one wants to like your facebook page, follow you on twitter and etc. if all of the content on each page is the same. You have to be unique and create a community on each of them if you want social media marketing to be a success.
  8. sb1962

    sb1962 Adherent


    Can you share a link to the fb page if possible please? I'm interested to see it as we're about to do similar.
  9. Dee Johnson

    Dee Johnson Aspirant

    I agree. Sad times..but you have to roll with it. I wish i could go back to this old times as well, but i must admit that i do like some of the facebook videos..some of them are just down straight hilarious! I choose to look at the positives because we cannot bring back the old times..unfortunately.
  10. happysurf

    happysurf Aspirant

    Someone with even a little online presenceis connected to social media one way or other. It is useful is many ways if you want to live in current time. It's easier to communicate and advertise on these platforms
  11. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    For anyone that cares, I still don't use any social media. I also don't own a TV or believe in fairies but that's a story for another day.
  12. Paul M

    Paul M Dr Pepper Addict

    I have a twitter account somewhere that I havent ever really used, and not even logged into for a long time now, I found it to largely be populated by twits.

    I have a Facebook account that I probably spend 5 to 10 minutes on per day, its mostly just useful for keeping in contact with a few people, on rare occasions I will actually post something. Too much rubbish, politics and adverts on it these days, and a few people desperate for attention ! ("like me", "like me", please like my posts .....).
  13. Echo

    Echo Runs with grenades

    My feelings exactly!
  14. The Sandman

    The Sandman Administrator

    I think they call those "tweets".
  15. Echo

    Echo Runs with grenades

    Tweet Tweet :angrybird7:
  16. MarkFL

    MarkFL La Villa Strangiato

    Another one here with no use for social media. I'm sure it fills a need for many, as the popularity of such services would suggest, but it just seems silly and vapid to me. :D
  17. rastaX

    rastaX Aspirant

    Social media is so popular because it allows people to engage in their favorite subject,
    themselves........ :p

    I joined Facebook in order to get the api for my members to log in using Facebook. I quickly deleted my account (not easy!) when I visited a site I'd never been to before and they addressed me by my full real name. I'm old school, I want to be anonymous online. I use pseudonyms for everything possible including my email addresses. Unless I'm buying something, nobody needs my name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc. Sure, lots of people would like to have it, but I see this info as risky online.

    People have this vision of hackers as being individuals hunched over a keyboard in a darkened room. Those people certainly exist, but the real danger is organized criminals collecting data. They can be as sophisticated as Google, maybe more so. I'm sure we all are aware that a lot of the traffic we see at our sites originates from Eastern European and Asian countries whether we cover subjects of interest to people from those regions or not. Add in unknown bots and there is a lot of potentially nefarious data collection going on. Hackers no longer proclaim their intrusion by replacing your front page with their own. They slip in a script whose purpose is to collect as much data as possible before being detected. They use that data to collect even more data. This is generally all automated using scripts and known exploits. Zero day or not, there's a lot of un-patched, known exploits out there. Email addresses lead to phishing schemes. Phishing schemes lead to more data and the data accumulates until they have enough to pull a scam or steal an identity. Access to someones social media account can lead to a treasure trove of useful, personal information. Have a spinster aunt? There's your mother's maiden name. Favorite pet? Bet you post lots of pics. Old school chum? There's your school name and possibly an old street address or two. Mention a doctor's name? A forgotten password request, answer the secret question and they're in your online medical history where your social security number may very well be displayed.

    There's a ton of information on all of us out there which we have little or no control over. I try to control as much as I can and social media just looks like a big, old gaping hole to me.

    And if that's not paranoid enough for you, we now have the most powerful man in the world whose inability to control his Twitter compulsion leaves us 140 characters or less away from any number of possible disaster scenarios......:cautious:

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  18. Julie Encabo

    Julie Encabo Aspirant

    Some people can't delete it as you do since they use these social medias as a tool for their business' success.
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  19. Brad

    Brad Charter Member

    I used to use social media, I still maintain a facebook account just for the messenger and I use it like txt messaging. It's mainly just for talking to my mother/father. I wrote a script and purged everything on my account about a year or two ago. I do run a page on there because I host fighting game tournaments but someone else maintains it now since I'm too busy doing the actual work to make those nights happen. Aside from here and one other place I don't use my real name on the internet anywhere. I change users names often and prefer places where I don't have to have one. I also ditched reddit/twitter/similar websites...hell the web in general really, by the time something is on the web I've known about it for hours or sometimes days. You'll still find me idling in certain IRC channels but that's about it and I won't touch those without a bouncer/encryption.

    I've tuned out as of late. The time I used to spend on forums I spend hiking or working on projects. I regularly take breaks from all technology. I'm a bit of a tin-foil hat wearing type of guy though. All my computers have IME/PSP flashed/disabled if they're post-2006, all my cell phones run custom ROMs and I don't do anything aside from talking to mom on them. No cameras or open mics in my house. I distrust the Government and will show someone the door if they even attempt to take a picture in here. At least 3-4 times a year I'll turn off everything including the cell phone for days at a time. I figure if someone wants to see me they'll come by and knock on the door.
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