Anyone have experience with PerfectSeoURL plugin for Woocommerce?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Whitesky, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Whitesky

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    So for anyone familiar with Woocommerce knows how it forces a "product-category" slug into your URL's:
    where any normal system would have something like

    I've searched and tried dozens of guides and rewrite scripts, all of which have failed or produced 404 nightmares. Apparently this is the only actual plugin that accomplishes the task and reportedly, even retains all page authority and SEO ranking after conversion:

    Their homepage even states it's "The only working permalinks plugin" to do this, which I find a bit rediculous.. but seems to be true. And.. it's a hefty $120 just for this tiny feature :confused:

    Unfortunately there's no discussion about the plugin anywhere, and it isn't listed at any official Wordpress website.

    Anyone have thoughts or have heard of this?
  2. SarbjitGrewal

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    Always try to reduce plugin to your WordPress website and eCommerce store. Because having an extra plugin can lower down the speed of your website. Redirection, HTTP and other rules can be done through htaccess file that can be easily implemented.
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