Anyone else here not care about mobile device/social media users?

Discussion in 'Managing an Online Community' started by MarkFL, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. liquidfractal

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    Whoops - for some reason the end of my sentence went missing: I meant to say something like "No one is dismissing mobiles at all - everyone realises the value of mobile browsing for various reasons, even if it's just so that more people can find your site to begin with." Fat-fingered that one! :unsure:
  2. Gosu

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    In this day and age if you are not using the power of social media, you are missing out on a lot of traffic / potential / sales. :)
  3. joevelez

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    I would dare say that maybe it's YOU at fault not Android, your readers or LaTeX javascript.

    Do this....
    add the javascript to a simple page with some text ... nothing else ... view it on Android device. Do you see any overlapping?

    My guess is there is NO overlapping.

    The issue is that you probably have clashing javascript, css, iframes, or worse flash on page.

    Run tests. Take elements down. Remove css, javascript ... find the cause ... FIX it.

    Don't blame the device. Don't blame your readers. Don't blame the tech.

    FOCUS ON MOBILE FIRST. If you don't you will definitely find yourself in a DEEP HOLE.

    If you don't know what MOBILE FIRST is do a Google search.

    Basically, Google First is Google transitioning to INDEXING MOBILE PAGES ONLY. So, if you don't focus on your mobile users Google will no longer send traffic your way.
  4. MarkFL

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    It is a known issue with MathJax running on Android devices. As such, there's not much I can do about it. :)
  5. joevelez

    joevelez Moderator


    Focus on traffic (desktop, mobile, and tablet) ... don't push them away (or give them a reason to leave). Instead, redirect your users to Desktop whenever they want to use the math editor. A simple message stating that the math editor is optimized for desktop only will go a long way.

    Just a thought but maybe you can make some functions (not all) available for mobile users. If they want more redirect to desktop. The idea here is that you give them a taste - a reason to visit the site on desktop. :)

    Good Luck!
  6. liquidfractal

    liquidfractal Aspirant

    First of all, this is a load of ****. There is NOTHING that indicates that Google is only focusing on indexing mobile users only. In fact, if you Google MOBILE FIRST you won't get a single Google endorsement from the first two pages, which amounts to NO major endorsement whatsoever.

    My personal opinion: this guy is on drugs, and not the good kind. ;)
  7. MarkFL

    MarkFL La Villa Strangiato

    I am completely ignorant of "Mobile First," however, Joe is a former administrator of vBorg and as such I tend to think that in general, he likely knows what he's talking about. Of course no one is correct 100% of the time, but Joe's posts carry more weight for me because of his former position at vBorg. Until recently, being an admin at vBorg was something one earned by virtue of skill/expertise. :)
  8. joevelez

    joevelez Moderator

    First of all they are NOT indexing mobile users - they are indexing mobile pages.

    GET OUT OF THE CLOSET. They've been pushing MOBILE for the past few years now. (This is not news.)

    What's new is their Mobile-First approach to content (announced last year). According to Google, they are still "tweaking their system".

    Like any other business Google is constantly looking to improve user satisfaction. They believe they can do this by creating and ranking it's search listing by using the mobile version of content.

    NOTE: Google did say that they will index desktop pages if you don't have a mobile version but my guess is those pages will rank lower.


    If you want to read more about Google's Mobile-First Indexing go to That's an excellent place to start.
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  9. mysiteguy

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    What Google's Mobile First is...

    They are transitioning to ranking a site in search based on mobile, rather than desktop. Your site will still be in Google if you have a desktop only site, however, all things being equal between two sites, the one which is mobile friendly will tend to rank higher than one which is not.
  10. haqzore

    haqzore Habitué

    This is my point.

    If you can gain even 1 user from mobile, it's worth working on proportionally.

    A little bit of mobile users? Put a little bit of effort each week into improving your mobile experience. Don't kill yourself, but don't ignore it.
  11. KimmiKat

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    I use a flip phone too. I like the hard buttons on it and use it for it's intended purpose --- calling friend!

  12. Nev_Dull

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    I agree with the OP completely. Catering to phone users is a bad idea. It pulls the entire forum down to the lowest common level.

    I'm not against phone users. I use XF, so phone users can view and read the forum. I don't discourage them or limit access to features. But I also don't pander to them and I find those sweeping generalizations of "ignore phone users at your peril" ridiculous. Homogenization is not my goal.

    My forum is all about designing and building things. Posts tend to be long and often complex, as are the responses. For example I just posted a thread starter that's about 1300 words, with multiple sections containing two levels of headings, multiple inline images, bullets, etc. Try writing a couple of those on a phone. Even reading some of them can be difficult on a tiny screen.

    I know the statistics about mobile users. I've seen them reflected in my own stats. But I also have other statistics from my forum:
    • No phone-only user has ever been a top poster. (I've had a couple that were quite prolific, but their posts were almost exclusively one line responses that provide little value in the discussion.)
    • Phone-only users are big consumers of our content, but are insignificant as contributors.
    • The most common post I get from a phone user is some variation of "I have some ideas on that but I'm on my phone. I'll write more when I get back to the computer".
    I'm sure there are many forums where the discussions are short and pithy enough to engage phone-only users to participate. However, there are still some that rely on levels of lengthy discourse that are beyond the ability of phone-only users to comfortably participate in. That's not a bad thing.
  13. Zero Numbers

    Zero Numbers Adherent

    Mobile devices, like a smartphone or a tablet, are designed for quick check-ups. The forum experience is much better on a PC.

    A lot of forums have trouble because they aren't doing something to keep their viewers interested. Because of mobile the internet usage jumps up, and will keep going up. The more and more that the internet usage goes up, the more and more you have to contend with the viewers. In the era of mobile you can easily bore the viewers.
  14. insaneadmin

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    I don't think anybody is saying that all niches and subject matters need to cater fully to small devices but there is a benefit to doing so if you're community isn't as laser-targeted as some of the above. Phone users will generally post short responses or make a remark about posting more when they get on their computer but, it's the fact that you allow them to still participate that is the main thing.

    General discussion forums tend to get a number of their popular discussions by someone merely posting a small paragraph and a link to which the conversation then snowballs. And as we know all to well, someone on their phone is more likely to be watching current events and their social media so when incidents happen they may wish to share it. Being able to do so gets them involved and adds content to your forum.

    Most of this is out-of-the-box stuff with forum software these days anyway, so no real need to worry about it much.
  15. Maxxamillion

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    Wow wow wow. Trendy users? It's nothing to do with that. It's easy to use mobile for browsing and you can access it anywhere, not everyone has the funds to afford higher end computers, I think your view is very ignorant and arrogant of you to view and judge people in this way. I make most of my posts on mobile and I am flabbergasted that you would call us these types of people. Also you want people to take time to register? Ha the registration option is the same on both mobile and desktop allowing users to login via social media outlets and by filling in the registration form so no difference there.

    I personally hope this comes back to bite you in the arse for your crap views on people who like to browse via mobile. RUDE RUDE RUDE is what you are sir.

    Oh mark, you need to move with the times my friend or you'll be left behind.

    Oh and BTW (by the way) incase you were unsure, this post was made via mobile.
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  16. doubt

    doubt Tazmanian

    There is.
  17. MarkFL

    MarkFL La Villa Strangiato

    Maxx, first let me say that I purposefully made my opening post in this thread a bit on the antagonistic side to spark conversation. I apologize if you feel insulted. You see, it's been my experience that in general, mobile only users are the least useful to my community, that's just a plain fact I have observed. They frequently complain about how their device doesn't do this, and doesn't do that.

    I think the devices need to be brought up to speed, not require to webmasters rework their me, it's the tail wagging the dog.
  18. NickCF

    NickCF I come from a land Down Under...

    Lol, this is terrible customer service. Which is fine, as you said you'd rather lose the site than have mobile users.

    I'm guessing you'll eventually get what you want.

    If you are the webmaster, then it's YOUR job to do what you can for your users.
  19. Pete

    Pete Habitué

    I must be weird then because the forum I'm setting up at present will suck on mobile. But then again, a forum that massively prioritises long textual posts, and has people that love themselves some huge avatars and signatures isn't exactly likely to be contributed to by mobile users... because everyone makes huge-ass posts. I've seen people make posts with thousands of words in them.

    Guarantee you they aren't doing it on a phone.

    Roleplay is a very weird niche. I like it.
  20. we_are_borg

    we_are_borg Moderator

    Roleplay games is a niche that is weird people love to make long posts and/or love to read. In both accounts you are not going to do that on a small screen. What kind of roleplaying are you going to do?
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