Anyone else frustrated ?

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by RGForums, May 26, 2007.

  1. hvyhitter

    hvyhitter King of the Stereo

    Well it would be interesting to see what the long term bubble is.. on my first week i got about 25-30. of course.. I was in a few other ones.. and everyone there was interested in my new forum product (I mod the HECK out of my boards and do not censor... so there is always something brewing, whether it is some new cool feature or someone going off about something that happened.)

    It would be interesting to hear exactly what you did to advertise your site.. other than sig advertisements / links additionally it would be interesting to see if the 40 users was a sustainable. In Week 2 do you have 80 users..

    If that is the case.. I want to know what your doing..
  2. jackulator

    jackulator Aspirant

    also frustrated

    I just joined as you can see by my post count - I too am disappointed with the members/posting activity on my site - I launched it May 25th, and now have 37 members and 700 or so posts, but 45% of them are mine and most of the others are by the same 8 people. even though from what I've read in this thread that's maybe above average, I just thought the content would bring in people more quickly than this. it's somewhat relieving to hear this progress (or lack thereof) is pretty normal. doesn't make me feel much better though. I've put a lot of work into putting the content together...
  3. smirkley

    smirkley ID'mazing

    Our site will have been up 3 years soon, and there have been up's,..and there have been downs.

    When there are downs, I try to keep positive and maybe deviate into something interesting like a modification that supports our culture, or thinking of ways to enhance the site content or atmosphere.

    When there are up's, I try to be as appreciative as I can.

    But what I have learned is,..

    There are up's and down's regardless, and they happen most often without rhyme or reason. But to dwell when it is down is counter productive to my ambition and desires of growing and promoting our community.

    Think positive, and think forward.
  4. elba

    elba Aspirant

    That really sounds like valuable advice. Thank you....

    Our site has been going for just on a year took off a bit like Michael Schumacker from pole position in a F1 race :yippee: and we thought we'd got it made!

    But then around the beginning of '07 things started to slow down, members - good, bad and indifferent just began to disappear. So much so, that over the last two months we (there are four of us who founded and manage the site) we have been literally talking to ourselves. :hopeless:

    IMHO what we are lacking is a theme/topic that will create a small - but hopefully constant - flow of new 'lurkers' who will like what they see and join us. Our original (and still current) base was 'friendship' - and that was fine until we'd all learned just about everything about each other and then? Well the 'and then' became predictable and boooooring!:snooze:
    Yes - over the first 6 months we notched up 62 members and nearly 9000 posts - BUT (there's always:( a 'but') the last six months this has slowed down to current figures of 76 members and 11400 posts. Of these posts, the last 550 have been between US while setting up a new template, header etc.

    But here's where we seem to have come to a grinding halt... it all seems :hopeless:. Where can we find a theme/topic to:
    a) get our existing members to return. b) attract possible new ones. ???

    We seem to be going around in circles :banghead: - and the Administration of sites is still a very grey area to us - hence my plea here.

    Can anyone guide us in the right direction? We are not getting desperate (yet) but we are concerned that we don't know where to get help! :help:
  5. Click

    Click Enthusiast

    I agree that 40 members in one week is a great way to start off. My forum's been open for over a year, but because of lack of advertisement, I still don't have a very big member base.
  6. love_bug

    love_bug Super Member

    Well guys... i say don't just stick with only forum forum & members.. introduce new things in your forum, such as image gallery, contest pages,..collect priceless articles,pictures etc... start discussion on topics mostly searched on the google.....
    I think forum should be just another part of your site, not overall thing..

    Let visitors come and get lost in your site... let them dig and dig... its all about information, if visitors get what they want they will certainly come back sooner or later.
    if you are talking about < 100 members in 2 years... your forum is dead.
  7. d8tabyte

    d8tabyte Habitué

    a year ago




    Im so irritated words can not describe. I have no less than 90 members/guests on my board at any one given time, I have content beyond the boards ( I AM still improving the content but still its there). I have members join all the time, but I havent had one make a post in the last 150 joins!

    I have a solid active foundation - I just can't get new members posting!

  8. Hired Goomba

    Hired Goomba Enthusiast

    Wow, I can't get anyone on my forums anymore. X.x I am trying really hard on my new one which is the FFT one, but no one really signs up.
  9. aholiday

    aholiday Enthusiast

    eh, I'm in the same boat as you guys are. But I'm still getting 700+ Unique Views a month for some reason, but forums are slowed down.
  10. WorldandMe

    WorldandMe Fan

    Summer time = holiday time! Don't forget that many people are out of town now. June and July is normally slow. No panic! :)
  11. Schwpz

    Schwpz Participant

    I was just about to post the very same thing!

    Internet users, much like TV viewers, often tend to slow down in the summer month, and if your site or forum is aimed at a young audience you can also expect May to be a slow month as well due all the finals and exams (I had users this year from Indonesia, the US and Finland who all had finals during the same week, so it doesn't seem to matter where your users live as long as they are students). There's a reason why TV schedules only broadcast rerunners in the summer, and save the new blockbusters for the fall; between vacations and better weather a large group of your daily viewers or users will be ditching your forum in order to be out enjoying the summer sun, or travelling with their friends and love ones.

    Based on my personal experience, May - July usually has slower pace on internet activity in genereal for most forums, just as September - November usually has an increase in people being glued to screens of various sorts.

    So don't panic, it's normal to experience some slowness during the summer months. All you can do is be patient, and to hope for a lot of rain and bad weather! :p :lol:
  12. jackulator

    jackulator Aspirant

    I was gonna post some big sob story in here about how I've only got like 20 or 30 posting members after two months - and how I thought that the enthusiasm displayed by the first 10 or 15 members we brought to the site from our youtube following would be followed in some measure by new members, and how I was wondering why I should continue busting my ass to keep posting new content, but once again I read the encouragement to others here on TAZ and decided to suck it up and press on - to what end I don't know - but what the hell - beats wearing out the couch cushions and the buttons on the remote

    CMOBOSS All About Da-Cookies.

    Total posts 153
    Total topics 30
    Total announcement 2
    Total sticky 0
    Total members 17

    And thats in about three weeks.

    Dont stress it. sometimes things take a while to kick in. 40 active in a week is great. ;)

    CMOBOSS All About Da-Cookies.

    guys, girls... etc... facebook has taken a plunge into the forums posters as well. remember this ;)

    there is a whole new gen out there. and those that got bored of forums and hop on the FB wagon... well they will return to the forums eventually.

    yeah i am sorta bashin FB simply out of personal taste. and pref. there is nothing more annoying that the literally hundreds of spam emails for every action made by someone on your friends list, not to mention the continued creation of some serious stupid "groups" and the long lived glory of that group lasting one day. HAHAHAHHA...


    give it time. archive and think positive.
  15. Guro_Jeff

    Guro_Jeff Neophyte

    I'd love to have a bigger audience. I think i've been up for about 2 months now, and, maybe i'm not thinking right, but I compare my forum to similiar forums, and honestly don't WANT a ton of trolls and morons on my forum, at the same time, I do have a goal of about 1,000 users at some point in time. Maybe I need to reconsider.

    I'm patient, though. Willing to wait and see.
  16. dojo

    dojo Passionate admin

    40 people in 1 week and you're frustrated :D

    Be happy.. it's a good start. I had forums that took weeks to get to this number, many weeks :D
  17. TrixieTang

    TrixieTang Politically Incorrect

    40 in one week? Hell, I got 40 in one day once. XD

    Seriously, just have patience... young grasshopper. :p
  18. SPEEDjammer

    SPEEDjammer Participant

    My place got 120+ members in the first week. Anything over 25 in the first week I say is good.
  19. JoeThaMan

    JoeThaMan Aspirant

    I would definitely have to say it's tough to get a forum started. I emailed a couple of owners of some pretty decent forums when I first launched my forum and they said the first year was the most difficult. When I started my forum, I did spam a couple of forums (before I knew the proper nettiquette). I got a LOT of traffic for a couple of days, but did get some pissed off members. I just broke 500 members a couple days ago but over the last month and a half is when I have received my most recent 250+ members and getting 5-10 new members and 25 posts a day. I worked 2 jobs until recently so I hadn't spent much time on promoting the forum which i think really kept the forum from growing. I think the 22nd of December 2007 will be the 1 year mark. I have to admit, there were points where I felt I was wasting my time and was going to give up. All I can say is be patient..:)
  20. d8tabyte

    d8tabyte Habitué

    Ive found switching my focus from worrying about the day to day of the forums, to focusing on content and development of my main page has helped tons. I've finally started to get new posting members - the other bonus is an increase of about 7,000 unique visits per month and counting.
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