Any tips on using reddit?

Discussion in 'Internet and Technology' started by Danielx64, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Danielx64

    Danielx64 Developer

    I been let lose running around on reddit and it doesn't feel the same as using a normal forum. Does anyone have any tips on getting the most rout of it? Any prefs that I should change?
  2. Maxxamillion

    Maxxamillion Gaming Geek


    - don't use it

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  3. Lisa

    Lisa Chaotically Proportional

    Was gonna say the same thing. Can't stand the place, mostly seems to be a trolls paradise.
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  4. ozzy47

    ozzy47 Tazmanian Veteran

    I guess the question you need to answer is, what was the reason you joined there, what did you want to get out of it?
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  5. Somniloquent

    Somniloquent Enthusiast

    Make sure your homepage on reddit is showing only the types of things you want to see. They automatically subscribe you to a lot of stuff that you may not be interested in.

    I don't go on reddit to discuss my niche or other hobbies. I use it more for cute animal gifs and human interest stories. Some of the AMAs ('ask me anything' threads) are really interesting.
  6. Empire

    Empire Devotee

    Use Reddit targeted ads to get more users for your forum ;). Do test run and see how it goes.

    Yes use reddit, ignore all the trolls there is lot of valuable knowledge in there.
  7. Alex.

    Alex. The Ancient Dragon

    Don't use it. It seems to be a breeding ground for idiots. That or children with zero tact.
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