Any tips for my logo?

Discussion in 'Graphics Discussion and Help' started by Lenka, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Lenka

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    I have had this logo for about 6-7 years now and I do like it's simplicity, but I am in the middle of wanting to redesign my site completely and in that context I am wonedering whether I should make changes or improvement for the logo as well. It is a bit dull maybe (but on the other hand, logo should be simple, right?)

    Here it is (it means "Moms World" - the heart consist of a M and a V). Any way to spice it up a bit maybe, but still keep the general look and feel?

  2. Meandor

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    Have you thought about what your logo needs to represent? I'm not really familiar with forums for moms so i don't really have a clue what would represent you best. Also keep your target audiance in mind when desiging a logo.

    Pick a font that goes well with the general look of your site. If you want your site to look handmade, elderly like you could try a handwritten font instead for example. is a good website to look up fonts that you feel represent your website/organisation best.

    Also look a bit into colors. Is there a reason you went with dark red and green on the first logo? Each color has a certain feeling and emotion attached to it. Keep that in mind when designing a logo. Her is a nice list of what colors are related to what type of emotions:

    Could still be that you end up with what you have now tho, but i always think it's important to at least have a basic understanding of what your logo is trying to say. I do however have to point out that your logo is actually a logo. It's simple, only uses 2 colors, can be recognized and it's easy to print on a t-shirt xD. You might want to consider putting a little white room between the M and the V to improve readability of the logo.

    Hope this gets you started on some ideas. If you need more help don;t be shy and ask.
  3. Lenka

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    Thank you so much for your tips and comments! I will look over the pages now and get some new fresh ideas. When I made the logo, my main thought was to keep it simple, but both font and colors where just randomily picked from whatever I felt looked nice at that time. I am now ready to take it a step futher and take a closer look and maybe refine.

    Your tips are much appriciated!
  4. gogoblender

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    Maybe think of how it would look on a t shirt as well. If it's punchy and attractive, you could lucratively brand your site this way, create pride for your members and fan loyalty. Best thing is, your community will make it's way into the real world via people's clothing!


  5. Lenka

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    I have actually had t-shirt made some years ago. It was runners t-shirts for our running team and a one time experience :p

    I have a bit of an issue getting members to share my forum - they like to "keep it personal" - and don't like sharing the forums name (doesn't go for everyone, but a lot).

    I am thinking about a new batch of t-shirt though. And am considering having to designs and prices. One with the logo + URL and one with the URL only, so members can chose not to have to share the URL - but the one with the URL will be cheaper than the other :p - then it's more like a choice where members can chose to pay for "commercial removal".

    My first batch of t-shirts was made without any profit for myself and without URL as well. It was just to please the members mostly. It was before my forum was subscription based also. Long time ago now it seems!
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