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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by shiola, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. shiola

    shiola Participant

    I have a section in my forum where people can play forum related games like:
    Secrets of the one above.
    7 letter game
    Word Association
    Picture hunt

    I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas for games that can be played on forums?
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  3. MGM

    MGM vBulletin Guru

    Take a picture, use photoshop to make it barely recognizable, then post it and see who can guess what it is.

    See who can get the least results with the shortest amount of letters/words in a google search

    See who can get the most results with the most amount of letters/words in a google search

    MGM out
  4. mightyb

    mightyb Amaizingnistrator

    What if you have google search bar? They might think you are encouraging your members to search.
  5. MGM

    MGM vBulletin Guru

    What's wrong with searching?

    MGM out
  6. mightyb

    mightyb Amaizingnistrator

    Well if you get paid for it. adsense search i mean.
  7. shiola

    shiola Participant

    Nice ideas, cheers.
  8. Mike Feury

    Mike Feury Habitué

    "Rebus" can be a fun thread. You 'draw' the word or phrase with ordinary characters. Couple of simple ones:


    = "I understand"


    = "The big Easy"
  9. MGM

    MGM vBulletin Guru

    lol, those are fun to solve, but hard to come up with :p

    MGM out
  10. Kitti

    Kitti Aspirant

    Might be a bit late for this in forums can be lots of fun.

    You can always start a food fight

    If you've ever played Mad Gab it's easy to start a game using
    "Hit Spin Could Form He"...said quickly and using some brain power this actually says..."It's been good for me" ;) Only real rule there is: You have to use REAL words!

    Oh, and there's always the reliable "Last Post" thread: Whoever has the last post's one of those threads that should never die

    Random Threads work pretty well...people post random funnies and nonsense statements

    Answer with a question: all posts are made to answer the above question with another question

    Interview the person below you

    Name three things about the poster above you

    Oh! There's just so many possiblities!!
  11. MGM

    MGM vBulletin Guru

    Haha, for the last post threads thing... whoever has the most wins at the end of the month gets XX amount of points :D Reset every month.... instant post-bringer :p (albiet cheap ;))

    As far as random threads go... I have an "LOL" forum where people post funny picures, stories, movies, etc. they've found on the net. It's usually fairly active.

    MGM out
  12. Sunny

    Sunny Enthusiast

    * Lie To Me - you post 3 things about yourself, people guess which is the lie.
    * Describe the poster above you
    * The Rhyming Game - each poster gets one line, must rhyme with the above. A new sentence = a new rhyme
    * Screengrabs - post pics of screengrabs from a film, people have to guess which film
    * 3 word story - each poster gets 3 words to add to a story
    * 6 Degrees - my forum is a matrix forum so we play 6 degress to the matrix cast - name one actor and a star from the matrix, users have to connect

    Top of my head, that should keep you going for a while!
  13. shiola

    shiola Participant

    Nice one, cheers.
  14. southernlady

    southernlady Coder/Designer

    I posted some thread games and they have been a HUGE hit...

    Here they are

    Food Game
    ok, you take the last letter of a food and try to come up with a new food word

    *I* posted Chicken;

    "Finish The Sentence" Game
    Let's do another fun game!!! It's easy.. just finish the person's sentence and don't finish your sentence so the next poster can fill it in!!


    Alphabet Soup
    we will start with A
    A is for
    B is for
    and then go all the way to Z and start over?
    Let's try it?

    I will start it

    A is for Alcohol
    Can be a sentence also

    The Longest Sentence in History
    Okay,, you try to make the longest sentence in history. So, for example..

    Person 1: I
    Person 2: don't
    Person 3: know

    And so on.
    Good luck, and I shall start:



    ABC Destinations w/ a twist

    Self explanatory really... Alphabetical towns, suburbs, cities, countries.

    The first one starts with an A but the next one starts with the letter the first one ends with So if I use Azerbaijan the next one starts N. Liz



    The "Would You Rather" Game
    A variation of "What's Your Favorite? game"

    Would you rather have a van or a truck?


    OK...Time to start a game that is alot of fun!

    The first poster will post 2 words, such as Microsoft Windows, and the next poster will use the 2nd word in their post.


    post 1- Microsoft Windows

    Post 2- Window Blinds

    Post 3- Blind Mice

    Get the idea?

    ALSO, there can be NO "IMPLIED WORDS" in between the two words.
    an example of an Implied word would be "Mice (and) Men"


    The Action ABC game

    Next poster:


    Five Letters
    Easy game...I've picked five letters...and I've listed them. The next person has to make a sentence using just the five letters. Like this...

    B M M H T

    Begging me, Make Hummus Tonight

    then leave your five letters...

    W Y I M K


    And yes, most of them came from another board with modifications. I can't take credit for dreaming them up. But they have been a great hit and one of the best things I added to the board. Liz
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  15. q00x

    q00x Neophyte

    The Official: CJ's Top10 3DMark01/06 benchmark Scor

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    Or this with 3DMark06


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  16. RobHall

    RobHall Participant

    There are some great ideas within this thread, forum games really help to engage people, I've been using them for years to drive activity :)
  17. Ninstation

    Ninstation Aspirant

    I have a board for this too. Popular games on mine:

    1-word story game: each person contributes to a story by adding one more word

    member elimination game: first there's a sign-up. Then, once started, each member starts with a certain amount of "health". Then players can add/subtract health of other players, 3 points per turn, 3 turns per day. It gets more-complicated but you get the idea.

    Communicate through smileys: tell a story using only smileys

    Count to 1000 using pictures: self-explanatory

    Survey: each user posts an answer to all survey questions so far and then adds a new question. Gets longer and longer.
  18. AriesWren

    AriesWren Aspirant

    One forum I visited had a game called My Cookie. Basically, the thread starter begins with a cookie. Then...

    "I set off fireworks and you look at them. My cookie!"

    Distract, and take the cookie. That's really it.
  19. Haruhi

    Haruhi Neophyte

    we have "Male vs Female" where basically we start at 1000 and females have to +1 and guys have to -1, if the females get to 2000 they win, males get to 0 theywin.
  20. mmurtha

    mmurtha Enthusiast

    Hi Shiola,

    Yeah, here goes an idea I used in my forum which will be fun, and help build content at the same time that relates to the subject of your forum:

    Use the alphabet and ask members who want to participate to pick a letter and write a short article that relates to your main subject. They don't have to be long mind you, but something others can comment on. Be sure to do each letter in a seperate thread too.

    You can offer different prizes if you want, I know I did - something like a free ad spot for the best post, longest post, or whatever. Cash is good too.

    We had a lot of fun doing it, but never made it thru the entire alphabet though before they ran off to another game.

    Have fun ...

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