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Discussion in 'Forum Software Development' started by ChrisTERiS, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    1.- A bit of History

    Most of you, know me as a vBulletin AddOn Developer. But (surpise :) ), I've coded a dozen of PHP applications and/or AddOns for other frameworks (don't say some Client-Server Applications for PC). Among them, have coded 3 Forum AddOns for:
    1. Facebook Pages (Works like Tab Application).
    2. Custom Dating CMS (Dating + Forum + Articles)
    3. WHMCS (Live installation)
    But even if all of them are working fine and have a great amount of features, I was never happy. Reason is simple. In all I used the well known (boring for me) working way. Forums-> Forumdisplay-> Showthread (to use vB's terminology). Also User profile in separate pages, useless redirections, useless page refreshes even for simple things etc etc. Having all of them in my mind, I thought that the time came to release my own forum. Should be the best? Should kick other brands out of the field? ....LOL.... Noway. I know very well my limitations. I can do good things, but not miracles. Actually I don't have investors behind me to support me financially. But, for sure, it will be a different, paradox, incredible script on the way that it will works.

    2.- About the Name

    Being Greek I thought that I deserve the right to use the Greek word "Anti" which totally represents the scope and usage of AntiBB. It will be ANTI- to anything you know about Forums.

    3.- What AntiBB is NOT

    To avoid wasting your time reading a long article which finally should be useless to you, I prefer to list the "negative" points before start listing the positives. So, AntiBB is not for you if:
    • You're operating a big board. AntiBB uses Ajax filters and even if it has no problem to work with 100.000 dating profiles, I think that is not for big boards.
    • If your site income comes from the amount of pageviews. Comparing with normal forum scripts, AntiBB has the minimum page refreshes. No 3-10 clicks to go to the forum that you want to read, no a dozen of clicks in each thread to move from page to page, no clicks to read (all data) visiting user profiles, no clicks to add/remove friends, no clicks to block/unblock members. Everything is done with Ajax calls, none page refresh.
    • If you stuck with the current way that forum works and you don't dare to change to simplicity like Facebook works.
    • If you want a famous Brand Name (eg IB :eek: ) behind the script. I'll disappoint you but I'm a single person, mostly hobbist, coder.
    4.- AntiBB Features

    It's impossible to remember all features, so from time to time, keep an eye here for updates. I'll list the most important of them:
    • Functionality
      • Is not just a Forum. Is a full featured CMS and this without to add extra tables in database. With the same Forums, Threads, Posts tables, but with some smart additions, you'll have a full CMS with:
        • Forums
        • Articles
        • Reviews
        • Classifieds
        • Media (Any Type)
        • Events
        • Personals (Dating)
        • Coupons
        • eShop (not including in the initial release).
      • The only 2 sections which will use different tables are:
        • Mailinglist Manager
        • Donations
      • Using Ajax technology gives attention to a user friendly interface. No useless clicks. Everything is done in one page.
      • No more Forums with subforums and subsubforums. The structure is more simple. Prefixes are Categories, Tags are Subcategories. This gives the freedom to use to post something in more than one category. To make it more clear. eg Classifieds section will has a prefixes: For Sale, Wanted, Free Offers, Trada and as Tags Computers, Smartphones, Games etc etc. User will selects One Prefix, but as many categories he wants.
      • To avoid confuse. Tags are set by Admin per section and not by users.
      • Extra Fields per section
      • Each Prefix (among others) has 3 usergroup permissions:
        • View: If No user is not able to search for it
        • Read: If No user can see it in list but not to read the full thread/article/classifieds
        • Post: If No user can't post on it
      • User Profile: All data are including in a modern and fully featured modal popup, like:
        • User Data with Image and Photo Header (just like facebook). The difference is that if user does not uploads a profile headel photo, or he does not has permission to upload it, the site's default header photo will appears. That's great to advertise your site in one more place than page header.
        • Send Message
        • User Activity (Timeline style)
        • Block/Unblock User
        • Follow/Unfollow
        • Report user
      • Multiuser Convertation Sysyem like xenFoto.
    • User Interface
      • Well..... last moment I decided to make a step back, and add one more page. My initial code was everything to be done in one page. But as I didn't wanted to move the water so much, finally I added a separate homepage. So now the total pages are 4
        1. Homepage having all those "Last..." blocks, "Tops...." blocks etc and a menu with all section:
        2. Section page: A timeline, facebook style listing, having all threads. Yes, eg the Forum section page with starts with a list of all threads. The magic is the Ajax filter on sidebar. If for example the user wants to see only Questions (Discussions are different) for vBulletin will clicks "Question" and "vBulletin" and the page will auto refresh with those threads. If he want to add more filters (eg sticky) is just a click away. Click activates filter, click deactivates it. So simple.
        3. Thread/Article etc page. No Quotes here. Finally a few only use them correct. They want to quote a single phrase and the quote the full text which can be dozen lines long. The commenting system works like FB. Each quote goes below the original text. And finaly that the real in life, don't?? ... If you're 10 people companion having a discussion, many times happens 2-3 of them to start talking like subteam while they still participate to the full convertation.
        4. Messages page
      • Notification System
      • Reactions (including the one that I missed in all forums "Thank you").
      • Responsive design
    • Technical Information
      • Use of Bootstrap framework for responsive design
      • Use Smarty Templating Engine
      • Use PHP 7
    That's for the moment. As I wrote before, keep an eye here, as I'll add more features as soon as I'll remember them, or if you suggest something really cool. And please vote in your poll as I want to know which sections (other than Forums) are important to you.

    You can see a simple section page at:
    It's a bit messed because, for testing purposes, I've prefixes from different sections. Just get the idea.
    PS: The reason that the title link redirects to Google is to show that by clicking browser's back button you're goind back to the page and page position where you were before.

    As for the price. It depends on how I'll release it. Have 2 choices in my mind:
    1. To release all togethre at a low price of 50 Euros
    2. To release Forums/Messaging Free and sell all others as separate addons.

    Thank you for reading
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  2. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

  3. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    PS: The first time that the page load, and also in page refresh it takes double time to load and maybe you'll see a fade effect. It's a mistake in code which will fix tomorrow. But even with this double load, still is speedy. Try to add filters (text inputs start filtering from the 4th character and then).
  4. we_are_borg

    we_are_borg Administrator

    When i use filters then i do not see in the filtered item what it is. So if i select two filters i have no clue to what filter the item belongs to. You made the filter like a category what i like.
  5. Bill Statler

    Bill Statler Aspirant

    Looks interesting!
  6. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    ...hmm...... I'm not sure if I got your meaning. Let's say that you've clicked "News" and "Story" but you can't understand from the listing which articles belong to News category and which to Story?..... Is this your meaning?

    If yes, don't forget that these are dummy data. eg the title has noting to do with the search field. The final design will includes indicators like:
    so they'll be understandable. Currently only if you search for nickname (eg Maria) you'll understand that filters are working. Also at the bottom of the page there is a counter of the total records found. This will be also at the top of the page to be more visible.

    Also as I wrote in the main post, currently the form shows prefixes from all sections (Sections are Articles, Forums, Classifieds etc). That's why makes no sense the prefix "For Sale" to be together with prefix "Male" (which comes from Dating section). In the final file prefixes should shows only from the selected section. In demo I focus to test the speed so I wanted as much more threads and as much more filters.
  7. KeVo

    KeVo Enthusiast

    Looks interesting indeed! Going to keep an eye on this. :)
  8. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    Thank you. Be sure that the interface and the functionality of other parts, should be also very good.

    Edited: Just keep in mind that I'm developing in different places for different sections. eg for design you must keep an eye to:
  9. we_are_borg

    we_are_borg Administrator

    Its hard for me to explain. When i go to this page i see items that i can read, when i filter on the right side i select for this example two namely "News" & "Wanted" the items that i can read are filtered to what i have selected. So far so good that works, but i can not see what item belongs to what filter, there is no indication at all. So i filter and cant see that item for example "Lorem ipsum dolor" is "News" or "Wanted" filter.

    btw the same thing with tags you cant see what item belongs to what tag.

    What i do like is the speed the filter interacts it's fast.
  10. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    Ok, I got it. As I wrote the final item panel should has enough information to understand where it belongs. Give a look at my whmcsBB at:

    Like that, the prefix, which is the most important filiter, should be before Title. The tag should be below like #this_tag. Also the text string used as filter will be highlighted.

    Yes, it's very speedy. And without photos should be more. Later today I'll try with 500.000 records and maybe with 1.000.000. Just to see how works :)[/QUOTE]
  11. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    The final version (maybe it will be ready in some hours as I'm doing some tweaks) should be more speedy. Do you think that I did something magic? No Way. Just put my mind to work. When I'll release my forum, I'll start a thread explaining why the other search engines are having delays.
  12. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Tazmanian


    Are imporrtant to me.
    Made with the default editor.

    Actually not Pages, but a collection of documents.
  13. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    I extended the filtering options by adding:
    • Sticky Posts
    • New Posts in last 3 days
    • Open only threads
    • Threads with zero replies
    • Posts in threads that I follow
    • Posts from Members that I follow.
    I also added 1 Million data !!! Check it:
  14. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Tazmanian


    None of the links work for me.
  15. TrixieTang

    TrixieTang Politically Incorrect

    It's placeholder content, the links go to Google because there's nowhere else for them to go yet (no thread view etc.).
  16. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    Digital Doctor TrixieTang
    I wrote it above :) The reason that I added a link to Google (random choice), instead of a dead link or no link at all, is becaue I want you to check something.
    eg Click to move to another page of listing, them move somewhere down to the list, and finally click the link. You'll redirect to Google. Then click the browser's back button. Not only you'll be redirect to the same page of results, but also on the same screen position that you were before. Some other Ajax based search engines when you click back you're loosing not only page position, not only active page in listings, but you even loosing the search criteria.

    But if you want to see (a small example) on how the content page should be, give a look at:
    click ny Thread link.
  17. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    Just to leave an update. Code is almost finined, but I did a break to work with the template and add some more functionalities.

    What I added or planing to add:
    1. User (depending his usergroup permissions) can save the active search criteria.
    2. In addition he can mark this criteria set to be his landing page when he logon to site.
    3. User can restore a saved criteria set. The screen auto updates.
    4. Added a TAZ like user droplist menu. Don't blame me :) It was there years ago in another script. Just added icons and Show me online but in the final version should be toggle button.
    5. The Create Post content should be very flexible with hiding/showing blocks of data depending on the section. Categories should be a multiselect option.
    6. Below each row of content should be a small form to post a reply. It's the quick form in my style that's why should be a link to the Advanced reply.
    7. Different design for listing depending on the section. Currently you can see the Discussion example, Article example and Photo Gallery example. Classifieds, Video, Reviews, Questions etc should have different design.
    Finally the most important addition. Good news for mobile users. Not only a template working in mobiles but:
    1. Different template at all.
    2. Optimized code. Many queries will be out if the script detects mobile browser. Why for example to query for latest users while this block should not be available in mobile template?
    In the link below you can check the final options of search (not functional), the user menu droplist, the Create Post form (not yet completed), and the overall design at all.

  18. davert

    davert Enthusiast

    This does sound great, but I do have some requests...

    * Import from Xenforo, SMF, and such
    * Succession planning: if you get hit by a bus, someone else will take over
    * Decent SEO
    * Ability to put in conditionals for “if not upgraded, show the ad”
    * Upgrades
  19. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Developer

    Thank you for your time to post these requests/commenrs. Really appreciated.

    Have already replied in another thread to this question. To save your time I'm copying my reply here.
    "Sorry no. Is not in my plans to code any importer. Never did in my life even for my vB addons. I know that this out of logic, but sorry this is the way that I used to do. But of course I'm not going to put any border to anyone who may wants to code such importer(s)."

    No need to wait for the bus, already kicked by cancer. So, I took care for everything.

    Should has SEO friendly URLs with the ability to set your own seo words, but page redirections should be so few, that really don't know if you need them.

    Not in the first version, sorry.

    By asking this, I can easily bet that you're not a vBulletin user, so you don't know me as coder. Here is my last release for vbulletin.
    489 replies in 26 days means good support, around 20 updates in 26 days means listening to user requests. 80% of these releases were for adding new features. There was a day that I released 3 updates !!. A quick look at the thread can proves all these that I wrote.
  20. davert

    davert Enthusiast

    I am not a vbulletin user. By “upgrades” I just meant “paying the forum owner some money in return for special favors like not showing ads.”

    Re cancer, you and I both, amigo — — that’s why I asked.

    I will still be looking at it for new sites — I like the idea.
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