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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by DanH, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. DanH

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    First off, I use phpbb and don't have any ignore feature (though I should probably look into it). For now though, I don't.

    I have this member who is really starting to annoy everybody. Attention whoring, horrible spelling, etc. He hasn't broken any rules (yet) but probably will soon enough.
    My forums are a fan forum for a nationally syndicated radio show. The producer of the show is a member and gives me/us some inside info. The person who does the show itself has mentioned us on the air several times and our memberlist skyrockets after a plug. It's a good relationship so far. We got a link on the official site today so our users will only be increasing.
    But this guy is now emailing the show's host with really retarded stuff and mentioning the forum. If he keeps this up, the host may back off from us and even denounce the whole site as a bunch of idiots because of this one bad apple. If I ban him for being stupid, he could very well try to sabotage the relationship with the host/producer. If I let him stay, he annoys living hell out of everyone and may ruin it anyway.

  2. Lyte

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    Have you asked him to mellow out?? If not, explain to him that you've received a few complaints regarding his behavior.

    At this same time I'd apologize to the producer for his behavior. Having the producer on your side is the best thing you have going for you. :)

    If you do end up banning him be sure apologize to the producer and host (yes, again) and let them know you've taken care of business!

    Good luck!

  3. DanH

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    I have sent him a PM asking him NOT to email the show anymore mentioning my site. No response yet.

    I am definitely going to email the producer and tell her to disregard him and/or block his email address.
  4. PalePhoenix

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    Since what you just said implies a scope beyond most forums, unless we can access your site and gauge for ourselves, it would be unfair to provide generic advice. This guy is a problem, no doubt, but all forums are not created equal. If you have other media considerations, your self-protection is tantamount. This shouldn't even be a question.

    You shouldn't be scrambling to cover your a$$ about someone who is beyond your control. It seems like you have to explain his actions to too many people. There is a nuance to your problems that most board operators here don't experience, and I appreciate that, but the response is still the same.

    Ban him. Ban his IP, ban his netblock range if you can get away with it. If you have the special relationship you claim, run this by 'the Celebrity' as follows:
    Hey, Mister/Miss Etc., there's this guy who's totally ruining the aesthetic you wanted to create when you put your name to this board. Here's a sample of his/her posts. What do you think of this person?​
    Running a site branded in this manner is difficult. I should know, I belong to one, and I am heartily disappointed with its administration. Nonetheless, I've promised that nothing which occurs on the board was going to affect my respect or admiration for the radio personality in question. I have to knock things into perspective for myself. Not all members (or people, for that matter) can do this. Be careful of this one, and good luck.
  5. DanH

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    The guy doesn't seem to be doing anything malicious on purpose, I think he's just one of those guys who doesn't realize how annoying he is. He seems obsessed with the show/site and is obviously starved for attention. Lately people are talking more about him than things on-topic. :banghead:
    Thanks for the advice.
  6. dojo

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    And another thing. Get him OFF the threads. Don't let people talk about him since that's what he wants to happen, be the main attraction. Delete all posts regarding his activity and PM those who want to discuss more about this.

    Make sure you talk to the producer so that you make it clear that his actions are not the ones you encourage and then get to banning
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